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The impact of the Internet on Human Rights

THE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET ON HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLE 19 ARTICLE 20 FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION THE INTERNET ALLOWS FOR INCREASED THE INTERNET ALLOWS FOR INCREASED A CULTURAL O POLITICAL SELF-PUBLICATION O ANONYMITY STATE SURVEILLANCE OF O THROUGH NEW MEDIA ABILITY TO ORGANISE CENSORSHIP POLITICAL ACTIVITY 2011 & 2012 2011 PAKISTAN MALAYSIA A Tw itter ban was imposed on 20 May 2012. Social media, increasingly used by the Pakistani people, have been blocked: YouTube, Facebook. Peaceful Bersih 2.0 demonstrations were largely coordinated over sms and Twitter. Violent reactions displayed a cold disres pect for this fundamental right. !? TODAY TODAY Governments are pushing for cybercrime or copyright legislation that limits this right online. E.g., SOPA and PIPA in the United States, ACTA in Europe. Governments are introducing special legislation that suspends or limits online mobilisation. E.g., anti-student-protest law in Qu├ębec & in Russia. ARTICLE 3 ARTICLE 12 ARTICLE 21 RIGHT TO LIFE, RIGHT EQUAL RIGHT LIBERTY & SECURITY TO PRIVACY TO PUBLIC SERVICES THE INTERNET ALLOWS FOR INCREASED THE INTERNET ALLOWS FOR INCREASED THE INTERNET ALLOWS FOR INCREASED THREATS THROUGH MONITORING OF ONLINE TRANSPARENCY IN MALICIOUS HACKING O BEHAVIOUR & NETWORKS SERVICES ABUSE OF STATE POWER, SURVEILLANCE, ETC. VIOLATION OF DATA STATE SURVEILLANCE OF PROTECTION O THROUGH NEW MEDIA 2012 2011 2012 COLOMBIA In the last decade, Colombia has established more than 1,500 telecentres, offering access to ICTS, e-gov services and technology training. UGANDA SOUTH KOREA In the city of Gulu, the police raided a legal sex workers drop-in centre and seized digital material. Personal data of 13 million gamers were leaked from an online company, leading the government to consider new measures to stop the collection and storing of user information. ARTICLE 12 ARTICLE 21 PROTECTION RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN AGAINST DEFAMATION GOVERNMENT #!* UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLE 18 ARTICLE 27 ARTICLE 29 ARTICLE 30 PROTECTION OF RIGHTS OF OTHERS FREEDOM OF PROTECTION OF PRIMACY OF RIGHTS CONSCIENCE INTELLECTUAL OUTCOMES & RELIGION PROPERTY CONNECT YOUR RIGHTS! INTERNET RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS RIGHTS.APC.ORG APC -DESIGN BY FFCTN.COM -

The impact of the Internet on Human Rights

shared by FFunction on Aug 17
Infographic that emphasize the human rights that are enabled by the internet and those that are at risk of being violated even more with the internet.





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Human Rights
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