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Human Rights Abuses In Venezuela

THE MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY? VENEZUELA LESS THAN 1,200 MILES FROM THE UNITED STATES IN BEAUTIFUL South America CC BY-SA 3.0 @Connormah is Venezuela? A bit larger than Texas BIG 268,820 Square miles 352,144 Square miles Why should I be concerned? DRUK TRAFFICHMG One word- HOCAINE POLITICAL LEADERS AND MEMBERS OF THE VENEZUELAN NATIONAL GUARD HAVE BEEN IS EXACERBATED BY A WEAK ACCUSED OF PARTICIPATING IN THE DRUG TRADE BORDER WITH COLOMBIA MAKING VENEZUELA AS MUCH AS 800 kgs of cocaine were confiscated from the current President's relatives while they attempted to enter the United States. ONE FOURTH OF THE COCAINE A MAIN TRADE ROUTE FOR COCAINE CC BY 3.0 BR @Coronades03 leaving South America in 2011 was funneled through Venezuela NICOLAS MADURO What is it like to live there? It's MURDER RATE PER 100K INHABITANTS DEHOLY ... 119.87 111.03 108.54 104.73 86.45 73.51 72.31 70.88 65.53 64.27 Caracas san Pedro Sula San Salvador Honduras Acapulco Mexico Maturin Venezuela Distrito Central Valencia Honduras Palmira Colombia Cape Town South Africa Cali Colombia Venezuela El Salvador Venezuela VENEZUELA HAS 3 OF THE WORLD'S TOP 10 CITIES FOR MURDER According to the NGO Observatory of Venezuelan Violence 2016 720% in the In 2015, violence in Venezuela HUMANITARIAN CRISIS: Poor Quality of Life WORLD hit a record high with an estimated 27,875 |INFLATION Consumer 2015 275% violent deaths and still Skyrocketing Price ARE FORCING RESIDENTS TO TURN TO THE CONTROLS TOILET PAPER BLACK MARKET FOR EVERYDAY GOODS LIKE & INFLATION Food SHORTAGES SUCH AS MILK, MEAT, AND BREAU HAVE LED TO WIDESPREAD MALNUTRITION AND FOOD RATIONING ON STAPLES Nationwide DROUGHTS, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CORRUPTION, AND FAULTY POWER PLANTS BUILT BY U.S. CONTRACTORS PROENERGY SERVICES AND DERWICK ASSOCIATES BLACKOOTS HAVE CREATED NATIONWIDE BLACKOUTS DUE TO ECONOMIC ISSUES HAVE LED TO AN Medical UNPRECEDENTED NEED FOR 539818OHS FOREIGN MEDICAL AID WHAT 95% of Venezuela's export earnings come from oil revenue that's sold through CITGO fuel stations in the DOES VENEZUELA Produce? United States Since 1999, $1 TRILLION DUE TO GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AND THEFT OF OIL INCOME HAS BEEN "LOST" LEAVING CITIZENS TO FACE EXTREME LEVELS OF POVERTY DECLÍNING OIL PRICES WORLDWIDE HAVE ALSO LED TO ECONOMIC TURMOIL IN VENEZUELA WHERE CAN VENEZUELANS All acts of congress Nowhere have now been find redress? voided by the SUPREME COURT Since 2004 NOT ONE ouf of 45,000* +HAVE GONE AGAINST THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT the GOVERNMENT ON AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE IS NEVER INVESTIGATED Corruption EXCEPT TO PUNISH POLITICAL OPPONENTS OR SOMEONE WHO HAS FALLEN OUT OF FAVOR HOW ABOUT POLITICAL there are HUNDREDS PRISONERS? DECEASED MANUEL ROSALES RODOLFO GONZÁLEZ SMALL BUSINESS OWNER LEOPOLDO LÓPEZ OPPOSITION LEADER OPPOSITION POLITICIAN FROM DISTINGUISHED ACTIVISTS TO Goyernment CRITICS ORDINARY CITIZENS, ARE FACED Sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison on trumped up Former presidential candidate sentenced to 13 years and nine months in prison Accused of masterminding anti-government protests WITH WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT charges after what was Committed suicide before called a sham trial by the case's prosecutor he could be moved to Yare prison OR HARASSMENT EVERY DAY How is the MEDIA TREATED IN VENEZUELA? IS WIDESPREAD CENSORSHIP SELF-CENSORSHIP of the media IN RADIO, TELEVISION, AND PRINT Media owners' homes have been raided, and broadcasting licenses have been revoked Investigative journalists have had equipment stolen from their homes and threats issued against their children by apparent government-sanctioned terrorism REFUSED TO REPORT INFO ESSENTIAL TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEIR PERSONAL SECURITY In 2014 ONE THIRD OF VENEZUELAN JOURNALISTS 40% REPORTED PRESSURE FROM THE AUTHORITIES TO CHANGE THEIR COVERAGE OF A STORY 347 ATTACKS Including • UNREASONABLE DETENTIONS • INTIMIDATION • PHYSICAL VIOLENCE ON JOURNALISTS were recorded DOES VENEZUELA RESPECT No. Not. At. All. HUMAN, CIVIL, & POLITICAL Rights? Relatively unlimited power of the executive branch and its leadership have led to continual erosion of human rights Sources: N Since 2003, THE INTER-AMERICAN COMMISSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS HAS CONSISTENTLY PLACED VENEZUELA IN CHAPTER IV, A CATEGORY RESERVED FOR COUNTRIES WHERE HUMAN RIGHTS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY VIOLATED AS STATE POLICYès-urban-gardensésident-nicolas-maduro-on-drug-trafficking-charges-1447276449 journalist_claims_venezuelan_agents_raided primrose_hill home_1_4027381 L LÓPEZ photo CC BY 3.0 @A.Davey // M Rosales CC BY-SA 3.0 @ Guillermo Ramos Flamerich // R Gonzalez photo via HUMAN DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING RIGHTS FOUNDATION

Human Rights Abuses In Venezuela

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The combination of falling oil prices worldwide and corruption have sent Venezuela's economy into a tailspin. Learn more about human rights violations and other problems from this infographic.


Human Rights
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