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How The War On Drugs Is Failing

DRUGS, INC. The real drug money comes from the war on drugs WAS THE WAR ON DRUGS DESIGNED TO BE A PUBLIC FAILURE? PUBLIC ENEMY # 1: The War on American Counterculture 1970 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Narcotics are regulated & punished according to: ACT is introduced to set federal drug • Potential for abuse policies on narcotics Signed into law by Richard Nixon Scientific evidence of medicinal value Riknd Vighn October 27, 1970 [H.R. 18583] 1971 THE WAR ON DRUGS was announced by President Nixon to eliminate DRUG ADDICTION 1994 THE WAR ON DRUGS WAS ADMITTED TO "Did we know we were BE PROPAGANDA CREATED TO ALIENATE lying about the drugs? MINORITIES & BY NIXON'S Of course we did." DOMESTIC POLICY CHIEF: John Ehrlichman In a 1994 interview with Harper's Magazine Ehrlichman said: "...associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities" John Ehrlichman According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Incarceration skyrockets for drug offenses due to zero-tolerance drug laws -488.400 ~40,900 inmates inmates 1980 2014 BUT THE C. I. A. HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF ILLIC IT DRUG OPERATIONS SINCE THE 195OS DRUG TRAFFICKING IS. Controlled-Not Combated 1953-1964 SECRET GOVERNMENT PROGRAM PROJECT FOUNDED IN RESPONSE TO MK - ULTRA THE LOOMING COLD WAR WITH THE SOVIET UNION Gov Dec C.I.A. uses psychological warfare techniques on US citizens 1977 SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY Tests behavior modification & mind control leads investigation into Project MK-Ultra techniques with: The investigation revealed that the C.I.A. was connected with 'EXTENSIVE TESTING AND EXPERIMENTATION' PROGRAM including covert drug tests SLEEP LSD SYNTHETIC on unwitting citizens DEPRIVATION CHEMICALS US FIGHTS COMMUNISM AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS THE DARK ALLIANCE 1981 Reagan administration aids Nicaraguan rebels fighting against their Marxist government TOP SECREE UELASONTED C.I.A. works with Central American cocaine smugglers, importing cocaine to the United States to pay for arms & munitions for war Maintain tade and eredis to wienragua long as the governeans erai e private seetor to operite effnotively. (5 Inoourape ooperative fforsa to defest externally- aupported instrgeney, by Eulng a multilateral tep-by-stap apereach upport denocEie foro in Nicataya. Tiomono at English Wikipedia / CC BY SA 3.0 1996 Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News publishes story linking the US cocaine epidemic with the Nicaraguan Contra war First time national media attention is given to the C.I.A.s role in illegal drug dealings Plain Dealer File Photo AFGHANISTAN DRUG WA RS THE C.I. A. PLAYS A PART IN THE CURRENT US HEROIN CRISIS 600k 2000 Opium cultivation in Afghanistan (Acres) 500k Taliban bans all production of opium, stating that the drug is anti-Islamic 400k 300k 2001 200k Record low 19,768 acres of opium grown in Afghanistan 100k US troops invade Afghanistan in response to terrorist attacks of September 11th Ok 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 2002 2013 black tar heroin 2014 286% All time high 553,515 acres of opium grown in Afghanistan INCREASE in heroin overdose deaths in the US That's 90% of the world's opium supply FORMER C. I. A., D. E. A., AND U.S.M.C. OFFICERS HAVE ADMITTED TO TOLERATING & EVEN SUPPORTING OPIUM PRODUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN S$ 8 .4 BILLION IN TAXPAYER MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT TO “ERADICATE" OPIUM PRODUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN CC BY 2.0 @laughlin Current drug abuse rates reveal America has a serious problem, & it's only getting worse ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE IN STILL HIGH DEMAND, BUT PRESCRIPTION PILLS ARE COMPOUNDING THE PROBLEM 2000-2014 137% INCREASE 200% INCREASE in US drug related overdoses in overdose deaths involving opioids, e.g., prescription painkillers or heroin 2014 US drug overdose deaths hit an all time high PRESCRIPTION DRUGS 25,000 + $ 8.4 BILLION MARKET 47,055 DEATHS COCAINE - 5, 500 worldwide for legally manufactured & controlled drugs HEROIN - 11 ,000 US consumes 63% of the global market with only 5% of the global population $1+ trillion has been spent fighting drug use since The War on Drugs began THE ONLY THING GROWING AS FAST AS OUR ADDICTION RATE IS THE PRISON POPULATION The US Leads World Incarceration by Housing 25% of the World's Prison Inmates 2.3 MILLION PEOPLE 1974-2014 ARE IN THE AMERICAN 600% INCREASE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IN PRISON POPULATION 5 1 % TOTAL GROWTH CLOSE TO 500.000 PEOPLE ARE IN PRISON POPULATION IN JAIL FOR DRUG OFFENSES THAT'S 20% + OF THE TOTAL PRISON POPULATION What does the war on drugs look like from a prison cell? 12X MORE PEOPLE ARE IN PRISON FOR DRUG CHARGES THAN IN 1980 AVERAGE PRISON CELL ALCATRAZ PRISON CELLS COST OF WAR ON DRUGS (so far) STACK OF $100 BILLS ($10,000) 6 X 9 X 1 2 FT. X XX 336 (5 X 9X - 8.5) $ 2.61"X6. 4 1"XO.43" $ 1 TRILLION IN CASH WOULD FILL 639 averaged size PRISON CELLS Since 1980 447,500 people have been incarcerated for drug charges That many prisoners would fill up ALCATRAZ ISLAND PENITENTIARIES 1,331 TIMES $10,000 Are we fighting the right war?óf-the-most-shocking-cia-programs-1370236359 " Presented by. SEUFSTORAGEFINDERS N NOWSOURCING

How The War On Drugs Is Failing

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The War on Drugs, as it turns out, was never intended to be won. Learn more about the history from this infographic!


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