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How The Drug War Hurts Mexican Women

HOW THE WAR ON DRUGS HURTS MEXICAN WOMEN Drug-related violence in Mexico is bad for everyone, with more than 50,000 dead, 250,000 displaced and thousands missing, but for women, the problem is especially dire. Drug cartels dominate the lives and safety of many of Mexico's poor, and in conflict areas, sexual violence against women is used as a means of asserting dominance over communities and rival gangs. Additionally, women are used by drug cartels to transport drugs or are forced into prostitution and trafficked by organized crime groups. A disproportionate number of women are currently serving drug sentences in Mexican prisons, and government security forces often do more harm than good. VICTIMS OF DRUG-RELATED VIOLENCE Percentage of female deaths presumed homicide by state, 2010 5%-10% 10.1%-15% 15.1%-20% 20.1%-25% 25.1%-30% 30.1%-35% 35.1%-40% 40.1%+ Pounds of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2010 Cuidad Juárez is a key crossing point for the transport of cocaine and marijuana through Chihuahua and into Texas, and a region of extreme violence between the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels. A staggering number of women are killec organized crime and drug trafficking activities. the city, with 9.1% of murders of women attributed to 31,957 Tijuana 161,815 86,966 34.73 Tuscon Cuidad Juárez Female murder rate in Mexican border state Chihuahua, per 100,000 CHIHUAHUA 122,662 Laredo 26 World female murder rate, per 100,000 Michoacán is currently the site of a struggle between vigilante groups, the Knights Templar drug cartel, and Mexican security forces. Women have little protection from organized crime and drug cartels in the region, and many have been forced to stop working low-wage jobs in nearby fields because of the ongoing conflict. MICHOACÁN O Mexico City Female deaths presumed homicide in Chihuahua - Total number of women in Mexico killed in presumed homicide 600 3,000 567 500 2,500 2,335 Military intervention into the drug trade in Mexico began in 2006, and murders of women in Mexico went up 80% between 400 2,000 2006 and 2010. 300 1,500 1,293 200 1,000 Murders of women in Chihuahua went up 877% between 2006 and 2010. 100 500 58 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 WOMEN USED AS MULES AND SCAPEGOATS Women in prison are a relatively small population when compared to men, but the proportion of women serving disproportionate sentences for drug trafficking is comparatively high. Women participating in the drug industry tend to be young, poor, illiterate or with little schooling, single mothers, and responsible for the care of their children or other family members. Most are at the lower levels of the chain in drug cartels, where there is often the most violence. Percent serving prison time for drug-related sentences in Federal Re-adaptation Centres (CEFERESOS) WOMEN 80% MEN 57.6% WOMEN ARE MORE LIKELY THAN MEN TO DIE IN GRUESOME WAYS NO REPERCUSSIONS FOR OFFENDERS 67% Women in Mexico age Women are three times more likely than men to die directly at the hands of their perpetrator through gruesome tactics such as hanging, strangulation, burning, suffocation, drowning, and stabbing. 15 and older who have experienced some type of violence Crimes in Mexico that go punished by the justice system 45,000 25-30% 55% Troops deployed by the Mexican government in its own country, leading to an homocide and violence Increase in the trafficking of women in areas where state troops are sent in for security operations Women's rights defenders say government and its security forces are responsible for violence and threats of violence in 55% of cases 2% crease in THE HUFFINGTON POST Sources: UN Women, Nobel Women's Initiative, TruthOut, Women Under Seige Project, Department of Justice, Center for Investigative Reporting Photo: Getty

How The Drug War Hurts Mexican Women

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A growing number of women are victims of drug-related violence in Mexico. Sexual and gender-based violence against women in the country has a long history marked by lack legal intervention, and more r...




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