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The Hidden Gulags of North Korea

THE HIDDEN GULAGS OF NORTH KOREA As many as 130,000 North Korean men, women and children are held in political prison camps (gulags) without charges or trial for "anti-state" activities. THE GULAGS 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 For 50 years, North Korea has maintained a complex system of political prison camps where crimes against humanity are routinely carried out against prisoners. Out of 24 million North Koreans, 1 in 185 is a political prisoner There are currently four known fully operational political prison camps in North Korea: Camps 14. | 15, || 16, and 25 CAMP 16 216 SQUARE MILES Pyongyang O 3x the size of Washington D.C. ШШ 10,000 + PRISONERS Including the families of alleged wrongdoers ffffffff THE FIVE WRONGS Committing these "offenses" can condemn a North Korean to a gulag. Wrong-doing Wrong-thinking Wrong-knowledge political dissent or criticism of the regime expression of ideas at odds with official ideology exposure to ideas different from the regime's Wrong-association Wrong-class-background family tie to an enemy of link to middle class during the state Japanese colonial occupation THE PUNISHMENT No formal charges Up to 3 generations of the same family imprisoned No trial by jury Abducted and tortured into confession "The only nation where people are being born into prison camps, where generations are incarcerated in prison camps, where they are born, live, and ultimately die is LEGO North Korea." - Shin Dong-hyuk, Former Prisoner of Camp 14 LIFE IN THE GULAGS Evidence shows that prisoners in North Korea's gulags are the victims of crimes against humanity. Malnutrition/semi-starvation Sexual exploitation of women prisoners Detention cells and severe beatings Prisoners are forced to eat whatever "Offenses" include unauthorized food food they can: grass, bark, rats, snakes, etc. gathering: failure to meet production quotas; complaints about camp life Physical deformities from years of Public executions for those No contact with the outside world forced labor who try to escape Poor sanitation Lack of healthcare Inadequate clothing "Forced disappearance leading to arbitrary detention or execution is a modern day phenomenon of repression. But nowhere outside of North Korea does it take place on such a massive and prolonged scale." - Committee for Human Rights in North Korea North Korea is one of the least free places on earth. Share this message and join us in standing for North Korean freedom. #ExposeNK The Committee for HR NK 1 9i THE BUSH INSTITUTE Human Rights in North Korea AT THE GEORGE W. BUSH PRESIDENTIAL CENTER SOURCES Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (2014)

The Hidden Gulags of North Korea

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This infographic describes the plight of as many as 130,000 men, women, and children held captive in North Korea’s political prison camps without charges or trial. North Korea is one of the least fr...


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