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Hate Crimes Against the Homeless

HATE CRIMES AGAINST THE HOMELESS All photography by Leroy Skalstad Since 1999, advocates and shelter workers around the country have received news reports of men, women, and even children being harassed, kicked, set on fire, beaten to death, and decapitated. 1,289 ACTS OF VIOLENCE From 1999 through 2011, in forty-seven states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, there have been 1,289 reported acts of bias motivated violence have been committed against homeless individuals and 339 339 homeless individuals have lost their lives as a result of the attacks. DEATHS WHAT IS A HATE CRIME? Crimes that "manifest evidence of prejudice based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. THE HOMELESS ARE ONE OF OUR NATION'S MOST VULNERABLE GROUP BUT THEY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED 872 VICTIMS of non lethal attacks WHO COMMITS THEM? Most hate crimes/violent acts are committed not by organized hate groups, but by individual citizens who harbor a strong resentment against a certain group of people. mission offenders thrill seekers scapegoat offenders believe will take violently act out their resentment they are on a mission to cleanse the world of advantage of a vulnerable and toward the a particular evil by targeting this group disadvantaged group in order to satisfy a thrill; usually teens perceived growing economic power of a particular ethnic/racial group thrill seekers target the homeless AVERAGE VICTIM 48 YR AVERAGE OFFENDER OLD MALE 20 YRS OR YOUNGER AND MALE VICTIM ATTACKER Alarmingly, nearly fifty percent of hate crimes committed against the homeless were by males under the age of twenty. Most victims are older homeless males, around 48 years of age. YOUNGEST ATTACKER: 9 BUM FIGHTS The media is another source of negative messages about homeless people. Young men are most receptive to many of the exploitative, hateful messages. Reports from both ABC and CBS 60 Minutes identified the Bumfights videos as possible causes for the increased amount of attacks on homeless individuals. ATTACK BREAK DOWN Man Uses Concrete Slab To Bludgeon Homeless Man Homeless Man Set on Fire While Sleeping Bottles Filled With Acid Thrown at the Homeless Community Homeless Woman Beaten with Pistol after Refusing Sex Homeless Man Beaten, Tied to Bumper of Car, Dragged Down Road Setting Victim on Fire: 1% Harassment: 2% Multimedia Exploitation: 2% Rapes/Sexual Assaults: 3% Shootings: 5% Assault w/ Deadly Weapon: 37% Beatings: 50% WAYS TO HELP NOW With this growing problem becoming more apparent in communities around the country, some states, cities, and advocacy groups are proactively addressing the issue. Supporting bills: H.R. 3528, a bill introduced in the 112th Session of the U.S. Contacting the National Coalition for Homelessness NCH's Director of Commu- nity Organizing, Michael Stoops, House of Representatives by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and 5 cosponsors, which seeks to amend the Hate Crimes Statistics Act to include mstoops@nationalhomeless. org at 202-462-4822 x234 crimes against the homeless For more information, visit or THE DUTY OF DESIGN

Hate Crimes Against the Homeless

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This Infographic was created in partnership with the National Coalition for the Homeless to spread awareness and spur action to prevention hate crimes against the homeless. America’s most vulnera...


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