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In Georgia

IN GEORGIA: 89% 32% HAVE EXPERIENCED HAVE EXPERIENCED PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AT LEAST ONCE AT LEAST ONCE WITHIN THE LAST 2 YEARS WITHIN THE LAST 2 YEARS 73% 87% DO NOT SEEK HELP FROM THE HAVE TO DECEIVE THEIR POLICE AFTER EXPERIENCING FATHER AND/OR BROTHER PHYSICAL VIOLENCE 65% 86% CANNOT EXPRESS THEIR PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE TRUE FEELINGS TO ELSE AT THEIR WORKPLACE THEIR MOTHER This is what LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) people experience in Georgia Types Location 34.33% I Being ridiculed 31.52% I Verbal abuse I Gossips I Blackmailing Other* Street/Park I Bar/Club I Workplace, Educational institution I Home I Public transport 14.63% 24.36% 21.20% 11.46% 12.54% 12.24% 9.55% 4.48% 11.46% Psychological violence *(property destroyed, receiving hate mail, etc.) Shop Other 12.24% Total: 349' Total: 335' Types Location I Beating I Sexual harassment 11.67% 58.33% Street/Park 45.83% Home I Bar/Club I Other* 18.75% 14.58% Assault with the use of gun Sexual assault Other* 10.00% 20.83% 10.00% *(workplace, educational institution, shop, public transport) 10.00% Physical violence *(destruction of property, choke attempts, etc.) Total: 60' Total: 48 Reasons for not reporting Those who reported Total: 35 Total: 13 Seeking help from the police I Fear of homophobic reactions 31.43% I The incident was not worth reporting I Police would be ineffective I Refuse to answer Received homophobic attitude 46.15% Received friendly attitude I Received neutral attitude No 72.92% Yes 27.08% 30.77% 28.57% Total: 48 23.08% 22.86% 7.14% Coming out Pressure from family members/relatives Coming out to family members and relatives Total: 150 Total: 150 At the workplace Total: 119 In. 49% 36% Inial. 35% 31% 20% 15% 18% 13% 13% 6% 4% 42.86% Hiding orientation I Selectively hiding 42.86% Being out at work 14.29% Cousins alowedends This data is from the LGB Discrimination study conducted in April 2012 in Georgia. 150 people from LGB community were interviewed using a structured questionnaire compiled with open and closed questions. The scope of this study does not give the opportunity to generalize the results to the country. However, this is currently the only study conducted on this issue in Georgia and provides sufficient information to shed the light on the type of experiences LGB people face in Georgia. 1 These questions permitted the respondents to choose several answers at the same time, so the total number refers to the number of responses, not the number of respondents. Source: Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) Situation of LGBT persons in Georgia 2012 JumpStart Mother Father Brother Sister Grandparents Aunts and uncles Nobody Other regarding Forced to marry ontact Isolation at home Financial pressure Other

In Georgia

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The visual shows what LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) people experience in Georgia. The numbers are taken from the LGB Discrimination study which was conducted in April 2012 in Georgia and interviewed 15...


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