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End Genocide

GENOCIDES AND MASS ATROCITIES WAR. POLITICS. MANIPULATION. THREAT ELIMINATION. WEALTH. TERROR. WHATEVER THE REASON, GENOCIDE AND MASS ATROCITIES ARE A PART OF HUMAN HISTORY. GENOCIDE IS THE INTENDED COMMITMENT TO DESTROY A NATIONAL, ETHNIC, RACIAL OR RELIGIOUS GROUP BY.. KILLING MEMBERS OF THE GROUP CAUSING SERIOUS BODILY OR MENTAL HARM TO MEMBERS OF THE GROUP DELIBERATELY INFLICTING ON THE GROUP CONDITIONS OF LIFE CALCULATED TO BRING ABOUT ITS PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION IN WHOLE OR IN PART IMPOSING MEASURES INTENDED TO PREVENT BIRTHS WITHIN THE GROUP FORCIBLY TRANSFERRING CHILDREN OF THE GROUP TO ANOTHER GROUP 1.7 TO 2 MILLION CAMBODIA 5 MILLION HOLOCAUST TOTAL CITİZENS KILLED 800,000 TO 1 MILLION RWANDA 96,000 BOSNIA 300,000 DARFUR 1 MILLION ARMENIA UNITED TO END MISSION: GENOCIDE STOP THE HORROR UNITED TO END GENOCIDE IS BUILDING THE LARGEST ACTIVIST ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA DEDICATED TO PREVENTING AND ENDING GENOCIDE AND MASS ATROCITIES WORLDWIDE. CURRENT CONFLICT AREAS ORANGE ZONES SHOW SIGNIFICANT POTENTIAL FOR WIDESPREAD ATTACKS ON CIVILIANS. RED ZONES SHOW CURRENT ENGAGEMENT TO PREVENT OR STOP GENOCIDE AND MASS ATROCITIES. SYRIA A civil war has been raging between the Pres. Bashir LIBYA al-Assad regime and allied militia and opposition groups since early 2011. Libyans protested a "Day of Rage" against Qaddafi's rule which incited military violence against civilians. Forces approached the Benghazi stronghold causing the UN Security council to step in and institute no-fly zones and sending ground DISPLACED CITIZENS: 6+ MILLION DEATH TOLL: 100,000+ STATUS: ONGOING SUDAN BURMA Continued policy of attacking civilians. Including the situation in Darfur, the Sudanese government has continued perpetrating its crimes against humanity, along with war crimes that include bombing their own people. State is complicit in ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses show that any current improvement in Burma is overshadowed by the government's unwillingness to protect its own people. forces to deter attacks on Benghazi. Qaddafi was killed, but armed militias still pose a threat. DEATH TOLL: 25,000+ STATUS: WATCHLIST DISPLACED CITIZENS: 85,000 STATUS: ONGOING DISPLACED CITIZENS: 500,000+ 300,000 DARFURIS DISPLACED 2013 DEATH TOLL: 2 MILLION STATUS: ONGOING SOUTH SUDAN South Sudan broke away from the North in 2011 and formed its own nation which included a peace treaty. Regional disputes continue with the North, as well as disputes regarding oil sharing. DISPLACED CITIZENS: 4 MILLION DEATH TOLL: 2 MILLION SOUTHERNERS STATUS: ONGOING D.R. CONGO Consecutive civil war has made the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) conflict the deadliest since World War II. Armed groups continue to perpetrate crimes, and the Hutu perpretators from the Rwanda genocide fled to the DRC. Violence is ongoing against civilians. DISPLACED CITIZENS: 5 MILLION STATUS: ONGOING TAKE ACTION Join a large network of people like you who refuse to do nothing and allow millions of people to die over politics, religion or power. You're in good company. UNITED TO END GENOCIDE OVERVIEW 500,000+ MEMBERS IN 186 COUNTRIES 1.3 MILLION ACTIONS AND YOUR DONATIONS ARE TIRELESSLY AT WORK $ 965K IS BEING FUNNELED IN TO EDUCATION 1.12M DEDICATED TO ADVOCACY 544K PUT TOWARDS GONVERNMENT RELATIONS GO TO EVENTS. GET INVOLVED. USE OUR RESOURCES. HELP END GENOCIDE. HISTORY DOESN'T HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING ITSELF. JOIN US IN SAYING NEVER AGAIN. VISIT ENDGENOCIDE.ORG TO JOIN THE FIGHT. UNITED TO END GENOCIDE Sources: created by

End Genocide

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war. politics. manipulation. threat elimination. wealth. terror. whatever the reason, genocide and mass atrocities are a part of human history. End Genocide is a part of the solution. Learn more ab...


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