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Countries who use the death penalty for drug traffickers

Countries who use capital punishment for drug trafficking There are a total of 32 countries which can use the death penalty for trafficking. Some countries will only use this option for the most extreme cases, however some are a lot less tolerant in their battle to beat the traffickers 5 of the strictest countries: - 1. Indonesia - Sentences of 10 - 15 years in prison are common for drug misuse, with death by firing squad common for the dealers. 2. Singapore - Caught with relatively small amounts of drugs can class you as a trafficker, where many are hanged 3. Malaysia - Again another country with zero tolerance when it comes to drugs. Uses face lengthy sentances and dealers can expect execution 4. Iran - Execute up to 500 traffickers per year 5. Saudi Arabia - This Islamic Kingdom is one of the strictest when it comes to attitudes towards drugs. Traffickers can expect to be beheaded China USA North Korea Morocco Syria Jordan Traq Iran Afghanistan Egypt Kuwait Pakistan Thailand Taiwan Qatar UAE Saudi Cuba Bangladesh India Vietnam Laos Sudan Arabia Oman Yemen Somalia Sri Lanka Malaysia Brunei Singapore Indonesia Zimbabwe

Countries who use the death penalty for drug traffickers

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A quick guide to the countries who use the death penalty for drug trafficking


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