Compassion International Child Sponsorship Works

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL CHILD SPONSORSHIP WORKS Compassion Rekasing children from poverty in Jesus' name FACTS ABOUT CHILD SPONSORSHIP more than $3,11, goes to CHILD SPONSORSHIP ORGANIZATIONS each year there are 207 formal international sponsorship organizations worldwide 2 of the largest 3 are faith-based more than 9 MILLION CHILDREN around the world are enrolled in a. sponsorship program 14.4% are in the Compassion Child Sponsorhip Program in 26 countries. Researchers studied Compassion's program and asked: DOES SPONSORSHIP REALLY WORK? In 2008, Dr. Bruce Wydick, along with two colleagues, envisioned a comparative look at several child sponsorship organizations; only Compassion agreed to participate. The researchers looked at... FORMERLY SPONSORED CHILDREN in 19 Compassion-assisted child development centers in six nations (Bolivia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda) 1,860 18% 24% 3,704 UNSPONSORED SIBLINGS FAMILIES in the same communities but who had no family members enrolled in Compassion's program 21% 37% 2,136 INDIVIDUALS from similar nearby villages fer the Compassion program. 2,444 that didn't Average duration of sponsorship during the time period studied (1980-1992) was 9.25 years WHAT THE RESEARCH FOUND: EDUCATION On average, children sponsored through Compassion were .. 27-40% more likely to complete secondary education 50-80% graduate from College more likely to in school 1-1.5 years longer THE MOST BENEFICIAL ASPECTS OF COMPASSION'S SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM: (according to formerly sponsored children]. 29.4% 38.5% Educational Support 32.1% Spiritual or Character Development Other EMPLOYMENT On average, children sponsored through Compassion were. 14-18% more likely to attain salaried employment 63% teachers more likely to become 35% PPPPPIĀ¶199 PIPPPPPP (approximately) more likely to have white-collar jobs LEADERSHIP On average, children sponsored through Compassion were . 40-70% 30-75% more likely to become CHURCH LEADERS more likely to become COMMUNITY LEADERS A CHILD'S ODDS ARE BETTER WITH COMPASSION "I always tell people if you want to do something great in the world, sponsor a girl in sub-Saharan Africa, because we see enormous impacts in the sponsorships of little girls in places like Uganda and Kenya. If you sponsor a girl in sub-Saharan Africa, she's likely to obtain three more years of education, she's far more likely to finish high school and also has a greater chance of finishing university and getting a salaried, white-collar job in adulthood." Bruce Wydick, University of San Francisco economics and international studies professor SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY AND GIVE HER A BETTER CHANCE AT LIFE. Compassion Releasing children from poverty Source: Does International Child Sponsorship Work?, Journal of Political Economy, April 2013 Tin Jesus' name

Compassion International Child Sponsorship Works

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How do we know? Because we have seen child sponsorship work firsthand in the lives of children over the past 60 years. But today, thanks to the research of Dr. Bruce Wydick, professor of economics ...




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