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Coal and Cement in Egypt

Coal & Cement in Egypt President Morsi's Government declared its intention to import Coal to fuel Egyptian Cement industry in 3 stages: Switching cement plants from natural gas to coal Using coal to generate electricity Creating an industrial hub powered on coal Before 2nd April 2014. .. Governor of Red Sea M.O.Industry &Trade M.O.Environment M.O.Tourism & Were discussing the matter Declared their opposition to the project because it's harmful to tourism. Such large decisions should be overseen by an elected Parliament, with public consultations in affected places: none of this has happened. Egypt's Cement Industry in Numbers in 2013 we had 65% 19Factories Of cement sector in Egypt is owned by 6 foreign companies In Cairo/ Suez/ Qena Beni Sueif/ Minya/ Assiut 2009: 7 out of 16 factories were in compliance with national air emissions regulations. 0.5B USD is the cost of improving compliance of cement is More polluting than so using coal will cost more to comply with air pollution standards factories in Egypt now Consuming From Operating Producing 315,060 + Per HOUR- in EGYPT 577,634 AC Devices 5351 To 683,630 Litres of Fuel Tons of Cement *These numbers are relative, the exact statistics are found at CAPMAS is the percentage of dust caused by nat. gas operated cement factories in Cairo, and... 10% Percentage of Co2 pollution in Egypt caused by cement industry 6% 16 - 70% Profit margin for cement factories in the last 10 30% in the areas surrounded by cement factories Years of Production costs 30% go for burning fuel; 30% of that is for electricity. AAAAAAVAVA Agricultural Wastes Rice Straw, Maize &Cotton Stalks Burning Old Tires produces 25% more Alternatives - In India 50% of their - Egypt could meet 30% energy than coal fuel is from animal waste of its cement industries demand for energy with only 25% of the rice straw currently being Carbon-Rich Materials - In Canada roughly Heat released from burning is the main energy needed for cement Industry, achieved by burning anything 30% of cements fuel source of demands are met with Example: packaging, plastics, saw dust, burnt in fields. This wastes. would also profit the Farmers selling their this can be solvents etc. - Egypt's Cement indus- try has multiple success stories in using agricul- rice straw. else! - Cement factories in There are around 12 differ- tural waste as alternative Costa Rica meet 20% ent technologies that can help reduce energy con- fuels with replacement of their energy needs rates of 10-15%. with rice straw and sumption by 6% saving USD 15 million/year woodchips. References: -A. Avami and S. Sattari, "Energy Conservation Opportunities: Cement Industry in Iran", International Journal of Energy, Issue 3, Vol. 1, 2007 N.A. Madlool, R. Saidura, M.S. Hossain, N.A. Rahim, "A critical review on energy use and savings in the cement industries", Renewable &Sustainable Energy Reviews 15 (2011) 2042-2060 Y. Askar, P. Jago, M. M. Mourad, & D. Huisingh, "The Cement Industry in Egypt: Challenges and innovative cleaner production solutions", Production solutions Knowledge Collaboration & Learning for Sustainable Innovation ERSCP-EMSU conference, The Netherlands, October 25-29, 2010 *-IY 9;lo rla ."syaall Ciawl jä".äja GlygyI Jgut asl cail äSu - JLaJI öu- A STUDY BY: ECE R EGYPTIAN CENTER FOR ECONOMIC & SOCIAL RIGHTS uuu

Coal and Cement in Egypt

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This is the English version for the Coal and Cement infograph explaining: 1- Facts about Cement Industry in Egypt. 2- How Coal is NOT going to make it any Better, on the contrary. 3- Alternative means...




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