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CARE: Why Care?

care WHY CARE? WHAT MAKES CARE UNIQUE Of the many humanitarian organizations fighting poverty around the world, CARE is unique for the combination of our focus on empowering women and girls, our emphasis on evidence-based programs and our size and reach. EMPOWERING WOMEN AND GIRLS CARE focuses on empowering women and girls because our experience shows it's the most effective way of lifting whole families and entire communities out of poverty. HELP HER HELP HER HELP HER EARN LEARN LIVE Invest in the earning Provide girls with Ensure safe pregnancy power of women. access to education. is a basic human right. IN 2011 CARE REACHED 17 41 MILLION PEOPLE MILLION PEOPLE MILLION PEOPLE with tools to promote with opportunities to with services to improve gender equality. further education. maternal health. EVIDENCE-BASED PROGRAMS CARE designs its programs using evidence-based methods to ensure we tackle poverty at its roots. CARE's SHOUHARDO program reduced growth stunting in Bangladesh by an astonishing 4.5 percentage points (ppts) annually. 0.1 PPTS 2.4 PPTS BANGLADESH USAID PROJECTS 4.5 PPTS NATIONAL AVG. (6-24 MONTHS OLD) GLOBAL AVG. (UNDER 5 YEARS OLD) SHOUHARDO (6-24 MONTHS OLD) WOMEN STAND TALLER AND SO DO THEIR CHILDREN Data from the program revealed that WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT was the single most important factor in raising HEALTHIER CHILDREN. These results help make the case for women's empowerment across the globe. 2 MILLION MORE PEOPLE will be reached by SHOUHARDO |I by May 2015. SIZE AND REACH CARE's vast global network gives us the capacity to expand successful innovation from one remote village to reach millions of people worldwide. VSLA CARE's pioneering Village Savings and Loan Associations provide microfinance options to those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. 1991 2011 1 VILLAGE 26 COUNTRIES The first VSLA was founded in Today, over 119,000 VSLAS are one village in Niger. located throughout Africa, serving more than 3 million people. CARE continues to expand VSLAS through ACCESS AFRICA, a campaign striving to bring basic financial services to 30 MILLION PEOPLE IN 39 AFRICAN COUNTRIES JOIN THE FIGHT TO END POVERTY CARE.ORG

CARE: Why Care?

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CARE is a major international organization dedicated to fighting poverty through a variety of innovative and effective measures. We worked with CARE to develop a series of infographics that display t...





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