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Biased - A summary of the research from the book by Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt

TOBYSINCLAIR.COM repng "Greundbrecking Bryan Stevensan Boreemin Zopharkat "Raad this book Dawn Butlar MP Воок SU M M A R Y BIASED A SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH UNCOVERING THE HIDDEN PREJUDICES THAT SHAPE OUR LIVES Wilchvrge tha cerwanten an ana ncur 3ociety-crd perhopscur socie y ilsell Curol DwCK Jenniler L. Eberhardl OF USA PRISON INMATES ARE 40% BLACK ALTHOUGH JUST 12 PERCENT OF THE U.S. POPULATION IS 3002 BLACK BLACK PEOPLE ARE STOPPED BY POLICE AT DISPROPORTIONATE LEVELS AND ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE FORCE USED UPON THEM. WAEE KSION EERDDS THE INITED STATES OELMENEA BLACK DRIVERS ARE TWICE AS LIKELY AS WHITE DRIVERS TO HAVE BEEN 4 95112039R STOPPED FOR A HIGH-DISCRETION EQUIPMENT VIOLATION AS OPPOSED TO A ONEDO AR i 95122039R A MOVING VIOLATION. ANALYSTS ESTIMATE THAT THE BAIL PREMIUM 35% CHARGED TO BLACK MALE DEFENDANTS IS 35% MORE THAN WHAT WHITE DEFENDANTS PAY. OF VEHICLE STOPS IN FERGUSON WERE OF 85% BLACK DRIVERS DESPITE ONLY 67% OF THE POPULATION BEING BLACK APPLICANTS WITH BLACK-SOUNDING NAMES 50% LESS LIKELY TO GET 50% A JOB CALLBACK THAN APPLICANTS WITH WHITE-SOUNDING NAMES. Bias is not something we exhibit and act on all the time. It is conditional, and the battle begins by understanding the conditions under which it is most likely to come alive. Among those conditions, speed and ambiguity are two of the strongest triggers of bias. When we are forced to make quick decisions using subjective criteria, the potential for bias is great. Jennifer L. Eberhardt READ FULL SUMMARY AT TOBYSINCLAIR.COM KALA

Biased - A summary of the research from the book by Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt

shared by tobysinclair86 on Aug 30
An infographic summary of the main research from Biased by Dr Jennifer Eberhardt. The three big ideas in the book include: 3 Big Ideas: 1. Bias negatively impacts Black people in almost all parts of ...



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