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The Average Cost Of A Funeral

The Anerage Cost of a FUNÉRÁL $1,817 $2.295 In the midst of losing a loved one, the cost of funeral arrangements can be shocking. With costs of funerals and burials in the U.S. rising exponentially, and so many different factors involved, dealing with a loss and sticker shock can be difficult. Subtotal without Casket: Average cost of a funeral: $4,265 $6,560 $450 $250 $275 $628 $125 $200 $125 $395 $1,195 Removal/transfer of remains Use of facilities/staff for viewing Non-declinable Embalming Other Vault basic preparation of the body services fee to funeral home Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony Use of Use of Basic memorial Metal Casket a hearse a service car/van printing package After her death in 1969, actress Judy Garland was on display for public viewing in her glass coffin and more than 20,000 fans came to pay their respects. Total Cost of a Funeral with Vault $708 $7,755 $790 1960 In 2012, the cremation rate in the U.S. 1965 2013 was 47% $983 $6,570 1971 2009 In 2007 U.S. funeral homes employed 102,877 workers In 1960, the cremation rate was just 4% in the U.S. $1,285 $6,195 FUNERALS COST Over Time 1975 2006 medium cost of an adult funeral In 1992, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner purchased the plot next to former Playboy playmate actress Marilyn Monroe. $1,809 $4,180 1980 2000 $2,737 $4,626 1985 $3,742 1995 1991 In 1997, over 3 billion people either watchea on TV or gathered in London for the public funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. $14,000 $12.000 Steel caskets were introduced to the populace in the late 1840 s. FUNERAL COSTS With a wider Range Dr. Almond Fisk $10,000 patented a cast-iron casket with a bronze between min and max finish which featured a lid made from a sheet of glass, allowing | $7,000 mourners to view the The first hearse deceased. $6,000 motors were Max electric. The first hearse built with an internal combustion engine didn't Min appear until 1909, at the funeral of Wilfrid Á. Pruyn $2,620 $795 $345 $500 $400 Burial Vaults Metal Casket Traditional Grave Markers, Grave Plot Burial Package Monuments Sources: | |

The Average Cost Of A Funeral

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Infographic that breaks down the average cost of a funeral today. Although this is a very heavy subject, it's broken down in a very straightforward manner. Being prepared is never a bad thing.




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