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Amendment 1 Year Later (NC)

AMENDMENT 1 YEAR LATER On May 8, 2012, voters in MAP KEY Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. Percentage of people voting FOR Amendment 1 North Carolina passed an Amendment to their State Constitution. It reads > 2 RALEIGH WAKE COUNTY 37.82% FOR • 2805 people/sq mi • Tying the vote, and the inevitability of equality, to population density 11 DURHAM DURHAM COUNTY 28.92% FOR • 2109 people/sq mi 4 CHAPEL HILL ORANGE COUNTY 20 GARNER WAKE COUNTY 12.77% FOR • 2691 people/sq mi The 25 most population-dense cities in NC (the Core 25)* contain most of the precincts that voted against Amendment 1 (see map for cities and their population-density rank), while the more rural, less-populated areas pushed for its passage. A review of the vote and current polling reveals that public opinion is evolving toward full equality and suggests a direct correlation to increases in population density. "minimum 15,000 people, as per 2010 Census. 56.56% FOR • 1740 people/sq mi 1 CARRBORO ORANGE COUNTY 10.39% FOR • 3016 people/sq mi 15 WAKE FOREST WAKE COUNTY 57.77% FOR• 1979 people/sq mi 16 BURLINGTON ALAMANCE COUNTY Gray areas and white borders indicate city boundaries. Precincts that straddled city borders were included if at The 25 most population dense cities in NC* (and their ranking) 57.31% FOR • 1969 people/sq mi Precincts are intended to be roughly the same population size (approximately 1500 people) but can vary widely. 23 HOLLY SPRINGS WAKE COUNTY least 50% of their total area resided within the border. *15,000+ people, as per 2010 Census. 46.06% FOR • 1630 people/sq mi 9 MORRISVILLE WAKE COUNTY The Core 25 represent approximately 30% of the total population of NC. Those cities voted overwhelmingly against Amendment 1, while 2 out of 3 38.37% FOR • 2235 people/sq mi ELECTION RESULTS people in the remainder of NC were in favor of the Amendment's passing. 12 GREENSBORO GUILFORD COUNTY 39.43% FOR • 2046 people/sq mi 7 APEX WAKE COUNTY 42.64% FOR • 2428 people/sq mi THE CORE 25 THE REMAINDER OF NC 17 HIGH POINT GUILFORD COUNTY 55.60% FOR • 1882 people/sq mi 6 CARY WAKE COUNTY 38.17% FOR • 2439 people/sq mi 24 THOMASVILLE DAVIDSON COUNTY 69.96% FOR • 1595 people/sq mi 61.04% 38.96% 41.31% 58.69% 67.23% 32.77% FOR AGAINST 21 WINSTON-SALEM FORSYTH COUNTY 19 HENDERSON VANCE COUNTY 41.83% FOR • 1718 people/sq mi 65.90% FOR • 1806 people/sq mi 3 BOONE WATAUGA COUNTY 23.19% FOR 2786 people/sq mi In many of those darker-blue areas on the map, there exists 1 person for every 15 in the Core 25. So, not only are people in those areas less likely to POPULATION DENSITY 18 ASHEVILLE BUNCOMBE COUNTY know a gay person, but gay people also are more likely to remain closeted. 31.87% FOR • 1844 people/sq mi PEOPLE PER SQUARE MILE The Core 25 2228 The Remainder of NC 142 RATIO 15.7:1 NC Average 196 A comparison of two Public Policy Poling polls highlights the increase in support for legal recognition of same-sex couples in NC. At the time of the vote, 53% NC PUBLIC OPINION supported civil unions or marriage. That number is up to 63% as of February 2013. 14 CORNELIUS MECKLENBURG COUNTY MAY 2012 27 26 43 4. 49.61% FOR • 2008 people/sq mi FEBRUARY 2013 33 30 37 Not sure Gay couples should be allowed to be legally married Gay couples should be allowed to form civil unions but not marry There should be no legal recognition of a gay couple's relationship 5 CHARLOTTE MECKLENBURG COUNTY 42.23% FOR • 2441 people/sq mi 8 GREENVILLE PITT COUNTY 50.65% FOR • 2391 people/sq mi The counties surrounding many of the Core 25 (Durham, Orange, Wake, Forsyth, Mecklenburg, and New Hanover) are among the fastest-growing counties in the state, 22 WILSON WILSON COUNTY while many of the pro-Amendment counties are dropping in population. NC is the 6th fastest growing state in the US from the 2000 to 2010 Census, and population density 64.81% FOR • 1661 people/sq mi will continue to integrate the gay community into the lives of fellow North Carolinians. Tolerance, and ultimately support for equality, will follow. 25 MATTHEWS MECKLENBURG COUNTY 57.66% FOR • 1582 people/sq mi 13 WILMINGTON NEW HANOVER COUNTY reach NC 46.13% FOR • 2009 people/sq mi Knowing a close friend or family member who is gay turns equality into a relatable issue. And statistics strongly suggest that this exposure is changing minds. 10 HOPE MILLS CUMBERLAND COUNTY 73.89% FOR • 2155 people/sq mi All numbers come from the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the 2010 Census.

Amendment 1 Year Later (NC)

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A year after Amendment 1's passage in North Carolina, I have accumulated all of the precinct data into a single map so that people can see just how much the results mirrored population density—a not...


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