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Adoption in America

ADOPTION A MER ICA Adoptions have increased 15% since 1990 and have given many people the opportunity to have a family, while providing children with happy and safe homes. Adoption changes a child's life and brings joy to those longing to raise a family. This is a snapshot of adoption in our country and its role in our society. The Children WHY ARE THEY ORPHANS? •Parents do not have the appropriate financial resources to support the child. •Parents were young and/or did not feel ready or have the desire to take care of the child. •Parents have died or were separated from the child. NUMBER OF ORPHANS WORLDWIDE 145,000,000 %3D OTHER 1,600,000 ASIA 87,600,000 LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN 12,400,000 SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA 43,400,000 NUMBER OF ADOPTIONS BY AMERICANS* 136,001 DOMESTIC ADOPTIONS: 116,432 INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS: 19,569 STATES WITH THE MOST ADOPTIONS* CHILDREN ADOPTED INTERNATIONALLY* CHINA: 5,453 GUATEMALA: 4,726 CALIFORNIA: 13,889 TEXAS: 10,551 NEW YORK: 8,168 FLORIDA: 6,845 RUSSIA: 2,303 ETHIOPIA: 1,254 NORTH CAROLINA: 6,093 SOUTH KOREA: 938 All figures from 2007 U.S. Adoption Statistics AGE OF ADOPTION ETHNICITY GENDER >18: 0.25% OTHER: 10% 13-17: 6.75% <1: 21% HISPANIC: 15% - FEMALE: 51% 1-2: 30.25 % WHITE: 37% 5-12: 27.25% ASIAN: 15% MALE: 49% 3-4: 14.5% BLACK: 23% The Parents WHY DO THEY WANT TO ADOPT? •They are unable to have a child because of infertility, being a same-sex couple or single. •They would like to expand their family. • They aspire to help children in need. RELATIONSHIP STATUS AVERAGE INCOME SINGLE MALE: 3% UNMARRIED COUPLE: 2% 80,000 70,000 $72,862 60,000 50,000 SINGLE FEMALE: 26% $52,000 40,000 30,000 $36,922 MARRIED: 69% 20,000 10,000 COUPLE SINGLE FEMALE SINGLE MALE RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD ETHNICITY HISPANIC: 5% OTHER: 4% RELATIVE: 15% BLACK: 16% NON- RELATIVE: 26% FOSTER PARENT: 59% WHITE: 75% NUMBER OF ADOPTED CHILDREN PER FAMILY 8 9 10 34% 29% 8% 11% 7% 5% 2% 1% 2% 1% COST OF ADOPTING A CHILD DOMESTIC PUBLIC AGENCY: $0 to $2,500 DOMESTIC PRIVATE AGENCY: $4,000 to $30,000+ DOMESTIC INDEPENDENT: $8,000 to $30,000+ INTERCOUNTRY PRIVATE AGENCY: $7,000 to $25,000 WHO FACILITATES ADOPTIONS? PUBLIC AGENCIES PRIVATE AGENCIES 3,000+ agencies operated by the county or state in which they are located and are supported by tax dollars. 2,000+ agencies operated by private companies. They are principally supported by the fees they receive from adoptive parents. WHO'S INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS? CASEWORKER • Prepares adoption home studies for prospective adoptive parents ADOPTION CONSULTANT • Matches birth parents with adoptive parents ADOPTION ATTORNEY • Licensed to practice law in one or more states • Assists prospective adoptive parents in obtaining pre-adoption certification • Assists in the placement of a child with adoptive parents • Has the expertise to understand and apply state and federal laws pertaining to adoption matters • Provides post-placement supervision of adoptive parents Resources Child Welfare Catholic Charities little www.CHILDWELFARE.GOV www.CATHOLICCHARITIESUSA.ORG Social Workers Help starts here. National Council ForAdoption Read the inspiring memoir written by [email protected] student and child advocate Ashley Rhodes- Courter wwW.HELPSTARTSHERE.ORG www.ADOPTIONCOUNCIL.ORG World Association for Children and Parents CWLA Owacap Together, Making Children and Familles a National Prlority www.RHODES- www.CWLA.ORG www.WACAP.ORG COURTER.COM USCSocial Work Sources: Designed by Maximilian Bode

Adoption in America

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The USC School of Social Work created the infographic “Adoption in America” to provide better insight into the adoption process in our country. It also gives a snapshot of who’s involved, from t...


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