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Acceptance is Growing: Awareness & Effects of Gay Bullying

Acceptance is Growing Awareness & Effects of Cay Bullying Bullying is still a problem... More than GBT teens are bullied 2 to 3 times 1/3 of LGBT kids have attempted suicide as much as straight teens. LCBT kids are 111 11111111 4 times as likely to attempt suicide then our straight peers LGBT youth with "highly rejecting" families are 8 times more likely to attempt suicide than those whose families accept them. For every lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth who is bulied four straight students who are perceived to be gay or lesbian are bullied Adolescents who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual are more than twice 1 x2 as likely as their heterosexual peers to be depressed and think about or attempt suicide. Nearly 58 percent of LGBT students have had property stolen or deliberately damaged at school. More than 64 percent x) of LGBT students say they feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation. On the Bright side Acceptance is growing... The number of people who think sexual orientation can change is at an all-time low of 34 percent. The number of Americans who say they have a close friend or family member who is gay has jumped from 49% in 2010 to 60% today. In 1991, the average coming-out age was 25. But as of 2010, he notes it is 16 years old -- a dramatic shift. 25 »» 16 years old There are 13 states as well as the District of Columbia with hate crime laws that include crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity. California Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Hawaii Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Missouri New Jersey (effective 7/1/2012) New Mexico Oregon Vermont Washington The increasing respect and recognition of the rights of sexual minorities have provided the encouragement to Come Out at an earlier age. In the 1990s, most Americans said they did not know anyone close to them who was gay. The most widely accepted statistic is that 1 in ever 10 individuals is LGBT. НИННН The number of LGB teens who "come out" to family and friends has grown dramatically in the past two decades A lack of family support was found to significantly heighten mental distress among the study participants which can lead to depression. In addition, researchers found that family acceptance had the strongest positive impact on self-acceptance of sexual orientation. Demographer Gary Gates recently found that of the 27 million American men Currently maried. 1.6 percent , or 436,000 identify themselves as gay or bisexual. MY QUALITY CONNECTION FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH Sources: http// b_1957260html http//||12759htm http://wwwubullyingstatisticsorg/content/gay-bullying-statisticshtml http://wwwnyaamericaorg/2010/1 1/07/gay-bullyin/

Acceptance is Growing: Awareness & Effects of Gay Bullying

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There is still a problem within our society today when it comes to matters of bullying; especially within the gay community. Here's some stats about how bullying is a problem but it's getting better a...


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