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Your Field of Dreams

YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS F Perhaps you don't want to build a baseball diamond in your cornfield. But everyone has a landscaping idea in his or her mind; everyone has a vision for the land that they own. Here are some tips and inspiration ALTERNATIVE LANDSCAPING TO FIT A HOMEOWNER'S ECCENTRIC NEEDS to guide you down your landscaping path. LAY THE FOUNDATION Before you attempt any major landscaping projects, it is best to understand basic landscaping principals. 1. COLORS 2. SCALE 3. FOCAL POINT 4. TEXTURE 5. GROUPING 6. SEQUENCE 1. COLORS 2. SCALE 3. FOCAL POINT The use of color in order to create contrast for a focal point. The harmony of various elements in terms of size and proportion. • When designing a landscape, it is best to group all of your ideas around a central focal point. TIPS: TIPS: · Focal points can be natural elements that blend to form • Use a color wheel to see what primary, secondary, and tertiary • No aspect of your landscaping should overpower another. Each element must blend naturally. a central image, or they can be a structure (Cottage, picnic tables) that you design around. colors work well with each other. • Take into account the various colors your plants will have throughout the year. • Know the general elements of your space before you design, his will help you to pick plants that are proportional to the environment. 4. TEXTURE 5. GROUPING 6. SEQUENCE The shape, size, thickness, and gen- eral layout of the foliage. Grouping pieces in clusters for maximum visual pleasure. Allows recurring elements in your landscape in order to create a sense of unification TIPS: TIPS: TIPS: • Use plants with fine textures • Use a color wheel to see what primary, secondary, and tertiary colors work well with each other. · Avoid over-repetition. Possibly use just one recurring element to not over-do it. than plants with coarse textures. · Assure that your design is aes- thetically pleasing from many vantage points. • Take into account the various colors your plants will have throughout the year. • Through repetition and rhythm in plant variation, the landscape creates a natural path of move- ment for the viewer. BUILD UP YOUR DREAMS Now that you have a firm foundation, creating your ideal landscape is within reach, (with a little determination and elbow grease). Here are some ideas to get you started: FAMILY FIRE PIT The wondrous comfort of a forest or beach bonfire, with the added joy of proximity to your home. POTENTIAL ITEMS: • An electronic bonfire for ease and control. ·A built-in stereo system in the stone-made seating area. • Hidden food storage bins for s'more supplies. OUTDOOR DINING AREA A nice oak picnic table, nestled amidst the flowers and shrubs of your garden, makes the perfect eating place for a warm summer evening. POTENTIAL ITEMS: • Stoneware that is durable for the outdoors. ·A selection of spices fresh from your garden. · An outdoor kitchen for convenience. COZY COTTAGE An old shed that is dilapidated can be easily restored into a purposeful backyard structure. POTENTIAL ITEMS: ·A "man cave" retreat with all your home entertainment needs. · A workshop/studio for creative endeavors. ·A safe and exciting playhouse for children. JAPANESE GARDEN After having a stressful day, meditate in peace in the quiet comfort of your Japanese garden. POTENTIAL ITEMS: • Highly stylized arrangement of water, sand and stone. •A bridge over water, leading to a quiet place. • Colorful carp provide additional 2esthetic comfort. BACKYARD PLAYGROUND How can you beat seeing the look on your children's face when they have a playground in their backyard? POTENTIAL ITEMS: • Multi-purpose "Play Place" structure. • Sand or woodchip box. • Swings. RESOURCES ARNOLD

Your Field of Dreams

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Landscaping projects all begin with a fundamental understanding of how certain colors and objects work together aesthetically. This guide covers some of the more fundamental ones.


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