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Why is My Lawn Dying? Check Your Soil

WHY IS MY LAWN DYING? CHECK YOUR SOIL How to Test and Amend Your Soil Type WHAT SOIL TYPE DO I HAVE? Step 1: Dig down about 6 inches to get a handful of soil. If you're testing a large area (like a lawn) you might want to do 2-3 small holes on various parts to get a good assessment. Step 2: Fill a pint-size jar halfway with soil, a few drops of dish soap, and the other half with water. Step 3: Tighten the lid and shake the jar for 3 minutes. Then set aside. Step 4: Wait a day until the particles settle and separate into their clay, silt and sand layers. Loamy soil is considered the best soil combination because it retains water but doesn't get soggy. IDEAL SOIL COMPOSITION FOR LOAMY SOIL: Trace Organic Material 20% Clay 40% Silt 40% Sand 6 SOIL TYPES Check out the different soil types below to learn how to amend each for a more luscious lawn and productive garden. LOAMY Soil (Best For Gardening) Féels slightly dámp and fine Easily cultivated and drains'well Tends to be acidic How to Maintain: Replenish regularly with compost and-fertilizer. CLAY Soil Feels sticky when wet and hard when dry Poor drainage Rich in nutrients How to Amend: Add 3-4 inches of humus (decayed organic material), such as leaf mold, well-rotted manure or compost. Till the humus into your soil 4-6 inches deep. SANDY Soil Feels gritty Excellent drainage but doesn't retain moisture Low in nutrients How to Amend: Add biochar and then fertilizer or compost. Keep your plants well-mulched to attain moisture. SILTY Soil Feels slimy and soft Retains moisture but has inadequate drainage Usually rich in nutrients How to Amend: Add compost, fertilizer, wood shavings or other organic matter annually. CHALKY Soil Feels stony Free-draining and dries out quickly Large amounts of calcium carbonate but low in other nutrients and is very alkaline How to Amend: Add green manure, fertilizers and organic matter to help improve soil. Mulch plants to retain moisture. PEATY Soil Feels damp and spongy Retains water but may need assistance with drainage The soil heats up quickly in spring and is slightly acidic How to Amend: Mix with compost and lime to lower acidity. COMPONENTS OF SOIL 5% Organic Matter (Humus, Roots, Organisms) 20-30% 45% Water Minerals 20-30% Air Safer Sources: | | Colorado State University: Extension BRAND

Why is My Lawn Dying? Check Your Soil

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Whether you are trying to fix dead grass in your lawn or if you are starting a garden, it’s important to understand your soil type. Understanding your soil type will help you determine the right a...


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