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What To Do When You Have the Creative Block

WHAT TO DO When You Have THE Creative Block Did you ever had a day when you can't just seem to do anything? You stare at your blank sketchpad and nothing, absolutely nothing comes into mind. You end up crumpling that piece of paper even before you put something on it. Well, you're not alone. We looked for ways to overcome this dreadful dilemma and we listed 10 options you can do when you find yourself in that tight spot. 1. TAKE A BREAK. unfinished works You can work on something you enjoy. Remember that fan art you sketched ages ago and failed to finish? Work on that for the mean time. Who knows? Something might come into your mind while you're blending colors for that skin tone. 2.) TAKE NOTES. List down ideas, however distant that is to your current project. Sometimes, a great concept comes out of these lists. 3. ALWAYS BRING YOUR SKETCHPAD WITH YOU. Inspiration comes in different places so be sure you have the tools to capture it when it does. DON'T REPRODUCE. Project Project Illustrator Alex Trochut said " If you just try to reproduce how a good project happened in the past, you'll never get the same result". You might be limiting yourself when it's possible to do even better than the last project you did. SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOURSELF. This is true even when you're not an artist. Going on for too long can burn you out and deprive you of motivation. Have fun once in a while so you can get your creative juices working again. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. ?! This one seemed a bit cliched but it works. When you receive the project brief, try not to be so bound on it. Sometimes taking out just a few keywords can help you design something that is natural, not forced. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN DESIGN STYLES THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM YOURS. When you have the block, you can't do anything, even in the style you have worked on for years. Try looking for design inspiration with a completely different style with yours and you might be surprised with the ideas it induce. SLEEP. Honestly, get some sleep and rest your mind. There are times when your subconscious can help where our conscious mind can't. Just be sure to list it down when you awake so you don't forget. GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY NATURE. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery and you'll be your usual creative self again. I'm sure they're not lying when they said that nature is the best source of inspiration! (10. 10.) LOOK AT THE PROBLEM IN A DIFFERENT WAY. Pretend you're someone else and try to think how they will solve this problem if they are in your position. It might be you favorite illustrator, or your favorite band, or even your mom. ;) References: OVERPASS DESIG N [email protected] S +44 (0)845 834 1008

What To Do When You Have the Creative Block

shared by overpassdesign on Apr 30
We listed 10 ways you could do to overcome a creative block.


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