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Website Disaster Recovery

WEBSITE DISASTER RECOVERY Just gone live with a new e-commerce platform and your conversion rate has fallen? Use this Conversion Disaster Recovery Programme to get your new website performing. We've used this same programme to help businesses both big and small to identify the conversion killers on new e-commerce websites and address the problems quickly. START HERE Install these tools Optimizely crazyegg. Qualaroo Optimizely is a simple but pow erful split-testing tool that can be installed in minutes. Crazy Egg is heat map tool that shows you where your customers are clicking - and not clicking. Qualaroo is a tool that lets you survey your customers in real time Ethnio is a tool to recruit real customers direct from your website for in-depth usability studies. Need help installing these tools? Call AWA on 020 7887 2695 Compare the new site's conversion funnel to the Use 'Paditrack' Do you have conversion to create funnels set up in analytics for both websites? retrospective conversion funnels for both sites old site's and YES NO pick the worst converting part of the funnel Need help with conversion funnels? Call AWA on 020 7887 2695 Look at a CrazyEgg heatmap of the page. Are users clicking an element they shouldn't be? Or not clicking an element they should be? YES NO Run a Qualaroo survey. Ask, if you didn't (complete x action), what was it that stopped you?" Does a clear trend emerge quickly? YES NO Recruit usability testers from the page with Ethnio and ask them what problems they encountered. Does a clear trend emerge quickly? YES NO Send an email out to everyone that converts on the new site and ask them what nearly stopped them from converting. Does a clear trend emerge quickly? YES NO Need help identifying trends & patterns? Call AWA on 020 7887 2695 New content or functionality you've introduced isn't working and you don't know why. Keep the look and feel of the new site, but return all the content and Wireframe the functionality of the old page. change Getfeedback from usability ITERATE testers Need help with usability Is usability feedback testing or any other aspect of Conversion Rate Optimisation? Call AWA on NO good? 020 7887 2695 YES Has the conversion rate NO corrected to pre-launch levels? Split test the change YES VICTORY! Crack open the champagne! AWA AWA digital is a conversion rate optimisation agency specialising in e-commerce and multi-channel retailing. Using our AWA Conversion System TM we guarantee to increase your sales by 20% within 6 months or your money back. We've achieved double- and triple-digit sales improvements for B2C and B2B companies both small and large. Thanks to Joel Rendle of Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate for contributing to this info graphic. If you are having conversion problems with either a new or existing e-commerce website, get in touch now on +44(0)20 7887 2695 or email [email protected]

Website Disaster Recovery

shared by awa-digital on Feb 19
This Conversion Disaster Recovery Plan was developed as an easy-to-follow process to increase the conversion rate of a new ecommerce website. Using four easy-to-install conversion rate optimisation t...


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