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Weather Emergency Kit

GET READY FOR HURRICANE SEASON Hurricane Season lasts from June 1 until November 30. These storms are both destructive and deadly but unlike tornadoes and earthquakes, modern technology has allowed humans to predict hurricanes days in advance. Now forecasters can accurately estimate storm paths and possible wind speeds, hours or even days, before the storms make landfall. This gives people in the path of the storm a chance to evacuate or shelter in place if they are not in an evacuation zone. Those not in the immediate path may still see damage to their property, utility outages from straight line winds, lightening and flooding due to storm surge or torrential rain. The best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is prepare a Weather Emergency Kit Basic emergency kit suggested by the National Weather Service: 3. gallons of water at lest a 3 day supply of non-perishable food DON'T FORGET per person per day for at least 3 days for a total of 9 gallons Swoet A MANUAL CAN OPENER per person Battery or hand crank radio and/or a NOAA Weather Radio Heavy duty wide beam flashlight one per person would be ideal Extra batteries of all sizes and types needed for your radio, flashlight and other any batter operated devices Don't forget your pets! Remember to include in your Create a first aid kit ahead of time, replenishing as necessary. When a storm track is predicted to come your way, add any prescriptions and daily medical use supplies to the kit so they aren't forgotten. emergency kit enough food for your pets tor 3 days as well as water for them too. Pets are often forgotten about during major storms and either VITAMIND die, get injured or are lost for days or sometimes lost forever. VITAMIND Recommendations for first aid kit: • Sterile gloves min. 2 pair • Sterile dressings Soap and/or antibiotic towelettes • Antibiotic ointment Rubbing alcohol • Burn ointment • Adhesive bandages in variety of sizes Eye wash • Thermometer Prescription medications Prescribed medical supplies Aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever • Anti-diarrhea medication • Antacid • Scissors • Tweezers • Petroleum jelly AND ADI A wrench and/or pliers should be part of your kit so that you buduntaeluslo6Eutunduutumluluinlululu have a way to turn off utilities should you need to. A hammer and tacks or nails may also be helpful. Poor sanitation after storms can often cause illnesses. The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to be prepared. Moist towelettes or an unopened container of baby wipes, garbage bags, plastic ties and hand sanitizer can help keep you and your family clean and prevent the spread of germs causing preventable illnesses during a catastropic weather event. HAND SANITIZER 99.9% 25ml Keep a whistle in the kit in case you need to call for help. A whistle is more shrill and louder than a human voice and can be heard at a further distance Those families with infants and toddlers, don't forget to include bottles, a blanket or two, jars of baby food, baby formula if needed, Baby food diapers and baby wipes for them as well. than simply screaming "Help!" Tips for sheltering in place should the storm track your way: Include a dust mask for each person, a roll or two of heavy duty plastic sheeting, clear or in colors, zip top bags in various sizes to keep important documents dry. You may want to also keep money, wallets, purses etc., dry and undamaged. Duct tape can be used for practically anything, creative types might even use it to make small mats for seating, blankets and even clothing or shoes in a pinch! Sources: • For more like this visit infographics.asp • Design by Tammie McClure O 2013 • 800 West Ninth Street, Little Rock AR 72201 • 1-800-445-0653 • American Made U.S. flags, historic Flä flags, classroom and educaitonal flags, posters, books and more! Contact us at [email protected] for custom poster designs. Arkansas

Weather Emergency Kit

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A weather emergency kit can keep your family safe during a weather emergency such as hurricanes. This infographic tells you exactly what to put in a kit and what things you might not have considered before.


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