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Water Heater Safety Maintenance

Water Heater Safety Maintenance Proper water heater maintenance can save one money and prolong the life of the unit. However, it can help ensure the darn thing doesn't blow up too! Hot water outlet Pressure/ temperature relief valve Vent pipe Flue tube/ heat exchanger Anode rod Thermostat and gas valve Drain Valve Gas burner 00000000 Combustion air openings Vents Depending on the type of heater the vents should be routed a specific direction. They should be the same diameter as the draft diverter too. If the vents are not routed correcty andlor are not inspected to make sure they are intacked over time, backdrafting will bring dangerous fumes into the home T&P Valve This is the important part that makes sure the dam tank doesn't blow up. Check it once a year-lit the hande and water should flow freely and stop when the handle is let go of. I it ust runs or drips or does nothing at al,tneds replaced. They can wear out unfortunately. Anode Rod These should be checked to make sure they are stil in good shape. Most are made of aluminum which in theory is ok, but magnesium ones are more safe for health reasons. Too much aluminum is bad for the stomach, joints and intestines so becare if one needs to dink the water right from the tank in an emergency situation and running water is not working. Thermostat Most residential tanks are not marked with degrees, just hot, warm, hotr.Many suggest setting it at 120 degrees to save money but legionela bacteria can grow at this temp. Try to keep it between 120 and 130 degrees. Drain Valve Itis a good habit to drain and flush the tank once a year, so this will help make sure the drain valve opens ok and isn't stuck. If the tank makes noises, tis probably because it has not been drained and their is sediment buildup inside the tank. Combustion Air Openings Since air is sucked in from undemeath, keep the area around the heater swept and odean. Drafting issues can occurifthe burner is not burning properly. Created by Phil Luther Check it out at

Water Heater Safety Maintenance

shared by WaterHeaterMedic on Dec 03
Hot Water Heater Medic shares an infographic on various water heater safety maintenance tasks to perform on a regular basis to ensure proper water heater safety.


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