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A Visual Guide to Placing Bets on Horse Races

HOW TO BET ON HORSE RACING A VISUAL GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL BETTING TYPES OF BETS STRAIGHT WAGERS EXOTIC WAGERS A BET ON A HORSE TO WIN WIN PICK THE WINNERS OF: (SIMPLEST AND MOST COMMON TYPE OF BET) DAILY DOUBLE CONSECUTIVE RACES PICK THREE CONSECUTIVE RACES PLACE A BET ON A HORSE TO FINISH EITHER PICK FOUR 4 CONSECUTIVE RACES OR PICK FIVE CONSECUTIVE RACES SHOW A BET ON A HORSE TO FINISH EITHER 1 2 OR 3d PICK SIX 6. CONSECUTIVE RACES EXACTA PICK THE 1" 6 2ND PLACE FINISHERS IN EXACT ORDER ODDS & PAYOUTS TRIFECTA PICK THE 1ST, 2N0 6 30 PLACE FINISHERS IN EXACT ORDER SUPERFECTA Payouts are determined by the odds, wager PICK THE 1ST, 2, 3 & 4T™ PLACE FINISHERS IN EXACT ORDER amount and number of horses in the bet. To calculate a straight win bet, multiply the odds by the amount wagered and add back the original bet. EXAMPLES A $2 WIN BET ON A HORSE AT 4/1 Opps: A $10 WIN BET ON A HORSE AT 7/2 Opps: 4:2.2 - $10 3.5 10 10 - $45 %3D %3D THE BIG 3 CONSIDERABLES FOR HANDICAPPING otal Placed Fosition 4 Position 5 PAST PERFORMANCES Position 6 osition 7 osition 8 sition s Study past race results, speed figures and lifetime record of the horse 7/2 2 9 3701 1374 666 135/2 4 10152 2874 993 65 8369 1960 778 5920 879 CONNECTIONS TOTE BOARD Know the jockey and trainer of the horse and their varying degrees of success Watch the tote board for changing odds. This will qive you clues about how the betting public views a horse's chances of winning the upcoming race. GOOD HANDICAPPÈRS ALSO CONSIDER: 0:00 SPEED PACE FORM Horses who looked "sharp" in their past few races are believed to be more likely to Those horses that run the Pace handicappers classify each horse's running style (i.e. front runner, stalker, closer) and then find fastest win the most races. Each horse has an aggregate speed figure based on previous races. win and have the lowest odds. contenders based on the predicted pace of each race. POST POSITION CLASS BEHAVIOR Class handicappers look at the conditions of a race and The horse nearer the inside Observe horse's behavior of a race frack will have a and body language in the paddock and post-parade. A composed and energetic horse may be ready for a big race, while you may want to avoid a sweaty or how well each horse fits shorter distance to run than based on the races they've a horse on the outside track, been running in. although it is also more vulnerable to being cut off by horses that start off faster and head to the inside rail. nervous one. ATVG BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Copyright ©2012 TVG. AlI Rights Reserved

A Visual Guide to Placing Bets on Horse Races

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A quick and easy visual guide to placing bets on horse races.




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