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The Viral DNA of Exhibition Design 3.0

THE VIRAL DNA OF Do it... Yourself READING GUIDE FOR A BETTER DESIGN EXHIBITION DESIGN 3.0 Design Step 1 WHAT MAKES VIRAL? Step 2 WHICH INGREDIENTS FOR A VIRAL RECIPE? What kind of values has to tell a story to be viral? BUZ A story able to spread -SPONTANEOUSLY between people. BUZZZZ cultural and ethical BUZZZZ shared values © ETHOS When the story evokes strong and meaningful emotions in us.. that we crave to share ARCHETYPS by Carl Gustav Jung Values that together are able to activate a higher energy that resonates with our soul Σ with our parents, friends or colleagues. Universal and collective information, that are innate in us as inherited These resonate in our soul and encourage us to act and to share an idea that might concretely help the evolution of the human species. - to reemerge its wealth. THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS EXCHANGE from our parents. They work as mental images that influence our actions in the world. • • PATHOS A IS IN ITS SOCIAL, ETHICAL AND CULTURAL VALUE. universal emotions IT'S NOT AN ECONOMIC MATTER. Step 3 AND WHAT ABOUT EXHIBITION DESIGN? MYTHOS SEKSE PROVIDER An energy capable of pushing people to á future action THE FORM EMBODIES THE MYTH EXHIBITION BECAMES SENSE PROVIDER i.e. a place capable of providing a real help to the existentíal problems of the people. I.e. a place that supports the innate desire of people to evolve socially, culturally, spiritually. AN ARCHETYPAL STORY A story that works on a deeper level (the unconscious) to invoke ançestral images able to influence strongly our behavior BOX OF MYTHOS EMBODIMENT OF A MYTH by Fabrizia Zorzenon Design LLLEN BUZZZZ

The Viral DNA of Exhibition Design 3.0

shared by fabrizia.zorzenon on Nov 25
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A new kind of Exhibition Design. A reading guide for a better design.


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