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Using the Power of Touch to Sleep Better

REDUCE STRESS Applying pressure to specific points of your body can AND FALL ASLEEP enhance the flow of FASTER WITH TOUCH energy, reduce tension, and help you fall asleep faster, Rub hands together Michelle Ebbin 5 touch therapy and to create heat. massage expert, author of "The Touch Remedy: Apply pressure to each of these points 6 Hands On Solutions To for about 10 to 20 De-Stress Your Life" seconds. Then, make circles in one direction for 10 seconds and then the other way for 10 seconds on each point. 2 Start at the feet and move up.. 4 1 3 KEY ACUPRESSURE POINTS Brain Reflex point Solar Reflex point Joyful Sleep Pinch both big toes with index fingers on the pads and thumbs on the nails. With your thumbs, press firmly in the center of the sole of your foot. Make circles in one direction and then the This is on the inside of the ankle where there's a slight indentation just below the anklebone. Follow pressure and circle steps mentioned above. Release and repeat. other. Repeat on other foot. 1 2 3 Calm Sleep Inner Gate point Peaceful Sleep point Place middle fingers behind ears at the base of the skull. Press here firmly for 20 seconds, release, and repeat Located on the outside of Place right thumb on left forearm between the two tendons, three finger-widths down from wrist. Apply moderate pressure, hold for 5 minutes and breath deeply. Repeat on other arm. the ankle just below your anklebone. Follow the pressure and circle steps mentioned above. several times. Get more information at [ Sleep Number logo placeholder ]

Using the Power of Touch to Sleep Better

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Touch therapy and massage expert Michelle Ebbin, author of The Touch Remedy: Hands-On Solutions To De-Stress Your Life, says self-healing through touch can reduce stress and create energy in the body ...


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