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Understanding Guitar Chords

Understanding guitar chords A little bit of music theory and some easy explanations to allow you to understand how the guitar chords are made...and how to create new ones ! A bit of theory We'll use the major scale as a starting A «C major» scale point, it's composed of all white keys on a piano if you start from a C. The degrees of the scale Every note starting from the lowest is given a number, or « degree ». II VII The first one is called the root. VI II III IV V I In a major scale, most notes are separated by one whole tone, but the III/IV and VII/VIII VI II degrees are only separated by a semitone. II Major chords A major chord is made of You can choose any fingers position but those two are very common. Both represent a C major chord : the root the 3rd the 5th G. A chord can contain some degrees more than once 3rd fret 8th fret For a C chord, C is the root, E is the third degree, G is the fifth degree. You can play the notes in any order. If the lowest note is not the root, the inte number of positions for chord, but some are easier to play than others. There is an chord is called «inverted». To play any major chord with those two patterns, simply slide all your fingers so that you've got the correct root. Building the other chords Most chords can be deduced from their name...let's have a look at the most common ones. Remember, there are many other ways of playing the same chord. Minor chords 7 chords 7M chords + VII - 2 + VII The 3rd is lowered of ½ tone. The 7th minor is added to the The 7th is added to the major chord. major chord. (NB : it should be called 7m) («M» is specified because of the «7» chord exception) If an «m» follows any chord's letter, it's minor. Cm chord C7 chord C7 chord Eb вь Sth fret 8th fret Sth fret 5 chords sus4 chords m6 chords II - ½ + VI The 3rd is removed from the chord, «Suspended» The 3rd is replaced by the 4th. The 6th is added to a minor chord. leaving only the root and the 5th. Cm6 chord C5 chord Csus4 chord EЖ D. D - A 8th fret Sth fret Sth fret Well done! You're ready to practise. See you on stage ! Infographics made by Tom Duchêne Sources :,142,Comprendre+et+fabriquer+les+accords.html

Understanding Guitar Chords

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A quick guide on understanding how guitar chords are made and how to create new ones !


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