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Understanding Cut Levels

Comprehending Cut Levels Understand what ANSI cut levels mean and the materials that can be used to protect you. Consider Material Cut Protection Guide There are 5 cut protection performance levels and it is important to use the right cut protection for your application. High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) • Pound for- pound 15 times stronger than steel Para- Aramid/Aramid • Pound for-pound 5 times stronger than steel ANSI Weight Needed • Light weight material for superior dexterity Performance to Cut Material • Low linting and resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light Level (Grams) • Inherent flame, heat and < 200 cut resistance 1 • Soft material offers superior comfort • DuPont Kevlar is a popular para-aramid synthetic fiber > 200 2 > 500 3 > 1000 4 Magid Aramax and >1500 Magid XKS® Yarn Aramax XT Yarn • Proprietary engineered blend of stainless steel wire, para-aramid and high-performance fibers >3500 • Proprietary engin eered blend of para- aramid, fiberglass and synt hetic fibers Levek are mes ured byhegrams of force required for failureto acorwben applied by astandard cutting blade travelng Zmm. Higher levek provade more protecon. These peforman ce ratings are dassified s ANSI/SEA 106-2005 trom a05 level based on the out come of the Cut Peforman ce Test (CPPT • Delivers up to twice the cut protection of 100% aramid or HPPE materials of a similar weight • Delivers up to twice the cut and abrasion resistan ce For more on ANSI and EN standards visit: of 100% aramid or HPPE materials of a similar weight • Dark coloration exten ds service life 3X times longer than ot her gloves • Draws sweat and heat away from skin, keeping hands dry, cool and comfortable • Tou ch screen compatible In 2013 there were 186,830 occupational injuries to hands and wrists that involved days away from work. Consider Coatings Consider Gauge and Weight Mac hi ne knits can vary inders ity. In the glove ind ustry, the num berof rows ordensity of the knitti ng the "Ga uge" ofthe glove. s called Polyurethane- Most populara nd oflers best de xterity a nd tactile se s itiv ity Nitrile -Ofers bestabras bnand pucture Rsstance 10 13 15 Latex- Provides best ove rall grip LowerGauge Heavier Weight Hig herGa ug e Lighter Weight Polyvinyl chloride PvC) -G reatabras ion protec tion, reta is flexibility in the cold • Thk lerconstrution • Less dexterity • Thinnerconstruc tion • Improved dexterity Protect Your Hands from Injury A NSI ANEI ANSI ANSI ANSI 1 Cut Cut Item GP100 Item KEV4326 Item GPDS83 Item HAXS0OHV Item GPD800 70% of all work-related hand injuries are the direct result of workers not wearing gloves. Choo sing the right glove for your application(s) is about more than just cut levels. The tit, comfort, ANSI Cut Level 1 Gloves AS se mbly, Ma intenance, Material Hand ling and Shipping & Pece iving ANSI Cut Level 2 &3 Gloves As se mbly, Applia ne Ma nufacturing, Automotive, Construc tion Maintenance, Mate rial Hand ling and Metal Hand ling dexterity and grip all ne ed to be considered when determiningthe proper hand protection. ANSI Cut Level 4 & 5 Gloves Appliance Manufacturing, Automotive, cons truction, G lass Hand ling, Mac hining, Metal Hand ling, Meta I Stamping and Pa pe r Prod uc tion 800-444-8030 marketing@ MAGID Safety at work Prited in the USA. GD14 Magid Glove & Satety Mg o. LLC. All Rigits Reserved. FECUT ReV 11/14 pplications Gu

Understanding Cut Levels

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Understanding what level of protection you need for your line of work is very important. Learn what material is safest for your job.



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