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The Ultimate Guide To Upcycling With Glass

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO UPCYCLING WITH GLASS We all have glass bottles, jars and lightbulbs to throw away every once in a while, and you aren't alone when you get pangs of guilt throwing Out that glass or sending it to be processed in the recycling. So why not get even more use from it while lowering the impact on the environment by upcycling your glass. HANDY TOOLS YOU CAN USE There's lots of handy tools and kits you can buy for relatively cheap online to help you create beautiful things from your old glass. Glass Buffer Glass Cutter Glass Sander WHY GLASS IS GREAT FOR UPCYCLING PLENTIFUL EASY TO GET HOLD OF COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES MAKES UP A LARGE CHUNK OF HOUSEHOLD WASTE OBVIOUS PLACES TO FIND GLASS TO UPCYCLE • IN YOUR BIN • IN CHARITY SHOPS • FROM NEIGHBOURS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY PROJECT IDEAS GLASS BOTTLES GLASS JAR LANTERN GLASS LIGHTBULBS MAKE VASES DRINKING GLASS JUST STICK IN A STRAW AND YOu MAKE YOUR OWN HAVE GOT A QUIRKY CUP SEA GLASS BEADS MINI GREEN HOUSE MINIATURE FLOWER VASE MAKE WINE GLASSES MINI STORAGE JAR CANDLES CANDLE HOLDER/STICK FILL WITH WAX AND A WICK ORNAMENT PROP UP SHELVES DESK TIDY POTS SMALL OIL BURNER PLANT POT There are a wide range of upcycling ideas involving glass. These range from small one day projects which are relatively straight forward KITCHEN BOTTLES BULBS JARS WINE BOTTLE PLATE EST COST/TIME - £5.00 / 2 hrs HERB RACK EST COST/TIME - £16.00 / 3 hrs DRINKING GLASS EST COST/TIME - FREE / 1 hr BEDROOM BOTTLES BULBS JARS Het Air alloons FAIRY LIGHT LAMPS EST COST/TIME - £10.00 / 1 hr DECORATIVE MOBILE EST COST/TIME -E30.00 / 5 hrs SNOWGLOBE EST COST/TIME - E15.00/ 1.5 hrs BATHROOM BOTTLES BULBS JARS SOAP DISPENSER EST COST/TIME - Ef12.00 / 1.5 hrs BOTTLED SHIP DECORATIVE WALL EST COST/TIME - E250.00 / 1 week EST COST/TIME - £20.00 / 6 hrs LIVING ROOM BOTTLES BULBS JARS PLANT POT EST COST/TIME - E5.00 / 20 mins DECORATIVE BAUBLES EST COST/TIME - £10.00 / 2 hrs CHANDELIER EST COST/TIME - E100.00 / 1 day GARDEN BOTTLES BULBS JARS BIRD FEEDER EST COST/TIME - £10.00 / 2 hrs OIL LAMPS EST COST/TIME - £25.00 / 2 hrs STRING LANTERNS EST COST/TIME - Ef12.00 / 2.5 hrs STUDY / OFFICE BOTTLES BULBS JARS SHELVES DRAWER HANDLE EST COST/TIME - £6.00 / 3 hrs PEN POTS EST COST/TIME - Free / 1 hr EST COST/TIME - E50.00 / 4 hrs DINING ROOM BOTTLES BULBS JARS BOWL EST COST/TIME - E10.00 / 3 hrs SALT AND PEPPER POTS EST COST/TIME - £5.00/ 30 mins DECORATIVE CENTREPIECE EST COST/TIME - E15.00 / 2.5 hrs IF YOU FANCY MORE OF A CHALLENGE SOURCES terrysfabrics Transform your home for less"

The Ultimate Guide To Upcycling With Glass

shared by terrys14 on Mar 11
Within the past few years “up cycling” has become a very popular and also a great way of promoting recycling, aiding the environment as well as saving yourself some hard earned cash in your wallet...


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