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Ultimate guide how to get WordPress Help

Ultimate guide HOW TO GET WORDPRESS HELP Where do you start? Here are some rules of thumb: 24 you are pressed for money, but willing to get your hands dirty - go free If If you are pressed for time, your issue is criti- cal or urgent, but you are willing to invest some money - go paid Before you start looking for free help, keep in mind: be pa- tient and polite, never accuse and demand. Most people who help do it for free. Free solutions: WordPress Codex If you have basic technical skills and an idea or a reasonable guess what caused your problem, start with WordPress Codex. Codex contains thousands of great articles and examples which explain everything you need to know about WordPress. WordPress Support Forums Search on WordPress forums. WordPress forums have thousands of answers. Most likely, your question has already been asked and answered. If you can't find what you need or want help from a human being, post your question. Most questions get answered and a lot get resolved. WordPress IRC Live Chat or Slack Post your question on WordPress live chat channel. Or, as an alternative, use Word- Press Slack. If are lucky, you might catch a good developer online and get a quick answer. you Stackexchange Get answers from experts. (? First, search the forum. If you do not find what yoU need, post your ques- tion. Well written, advanced questions get more feedback and answers. You Tube YouTube is a great resource, espe- cially for beginners. On YouTube you can find hundreds of great how to videos and several ex- cellent WordPress channels. Google Google will find the best articles and answers from the most pop- ular forums. Start with broad topics and then refine your searches by using quotes, site searches and exact phrases. Themes & Plugins help Find your plugin or theme in WordPress repository. {;} All well maintained plugins and themes have FAQ and Support sections. Try to find your answer there. If you do not find anything post your question on theme's or plugin's support forum. If you have a commercial plugin or theme go to its site and search for an answer there., Get free help from developers and bloggers Find active disCussions and fresh blog articles related to your prob- lem. Ask your question in the comments or in the discussion threads. There are hundreds of bloggers and developers who will be happy to answer a well formulat- ed relevant question. RANK CF ANTHNERE Paid alternatives: Freelancers Freelance WordPress developers and designers charge from $10 to $50 per hou. Price depends on skills, experience, and popularity. Hire a freelancer if you need one time help for a medium size project, like building a new theme or site redesign.,, and other Monthly WordPress support & help Recurring monthly support will fit you well if you need small fixes and improvements on your site. Fixing a plugin, changing styles, regular backups, updates and higher security. Prices range from $50 to $250 per month.,, Agencies Hire an agency if you have a big, complex project which might need further development. Agencies are usually more expensive than freelancers, but they are less likely to disappear or change their priorities. Bonus tip: you can get WordPress help at as part of a free trial. It's free and without any obligations. WordPress Support 24/7, unlimited fixes and site improvements $65/m References 2.

Ultimate guide how to get WordPress Help

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Thousands of WordPress related questions and problems get asked and resolved daily. But the question is how can you get an answer or have your WordPress problem fixed? To show you how, we’ve created...



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