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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUYING SHIPPING CONTAINERS How to Buy, Use & Look After Your New Container --- . Shipping containers aren't just used for shipping! Nowadays, they are used for all kinds of things. Whether you're buying a container for storage, temporary housing or a pop-up business, there are a few things you'll need to bear in mind when shopping. DID YOU KNOW? Shipping containers have only been around since the 1950s! They were first used to transport vans. Containers were traditionally used to store goods waiting to be shipped. Malcolm McLean designed the first units to help speed up shipping goods transfers. Modern containers are They were designed from modified oil They have always been designed to be d to still built with stacking and safety in mind. tankers! stackable and secure. TYPES OF CONTAINERS You'd be forgiven for thinking all shipping containers are the same! There are three main types you can buy outright. I NEW USED REFURBISHED I CONTAINERS CONTAINERS CONTAINERS For a repainted option go refurbished! This is the mid-ground IIdeal for home and These units can vary in I office conversions, I these units have only I been used once at most shipping lines after 10 I to transport goods. age and condition, but are usually sold by the between old and new. years. Although used, they have a charming, rustic look. SIZES OF CONTAINERS 10ft. These mini containers are ideal for areas where space is limited and can even be converted into sheds and dens! 20ft. These are the most popular and easily modifed for a multitude of uses. Perfect for storage or pop-up units. 40ft.+ The biggest of the bunchl These containers are great for mass storage or office and housing solutions. Need a custom-sized container? Just ask! Containers can be cut to all sizes and demands. COMMON USES Unsure what you might use a shipping container for? Here are some ideas to get you started! Temporary housing Pop-up offices Large-scale storage and stacked accommodation Art Installations Temporary hospitals Temporary toilet facilities Outdoor patio Plant storage/ greenhouse Studio space installations Your imagination is your only limit! Shops and Small bistros and cafes STOP BEFORE YOU BUY Look out for the following visual checks when you buy your container: Residue left from Holes, or patches which may allow water Any major or large areas of rust previous cargo to enter Floor damage such Door seals in good working order Flaking or fading paint as holes, protruding nails or stains DON'T WORRY! We'll check over your container to ensure it is wind-tight, watertight and vermin proof. Structural problems TAKE ME HOME Make sure you plan ahead before you take your container home with you. Always do the following! CSC TIFICATE I Think about where it I needs to go! If it's I getting shipped or taken delivery if it's a full I via train, you'll need a I CSC Certificate from our team Insure your container in Find a reputable case of damage during transport company who can deliver it for you. container and you're transporting by rail or by sea. Consider whether you Is the container practical for where you're installing it? Can your site be easily need to adhere to any accessed? SMe Will you need to lift the container in, or can it slide into its new home? Consider hiring cranes or forklifts to help. TAKING CARE You'll want your container to withstand years of use. Here are some great tips to make the most of it: Make sure your container is stored on flat, level ground. Placing the container on blacks or sleepers will Avoid putting weight on top of the container - although the corners are strong, the actual middle is weaker. allow air flow to circulate and prolong the life of the floor. Keep the unit well- ventilated and drained. Don't overload it to Ensure the door h re lubricateor ngN ensure its structural integrity. Inspect the roof for dents and any Tackle rust issues as soon as signs of major rust possible. Looking forward to setting up a shipping container all of your own? The team here at ContainerSpace are Conlainer Space here to help. Visit us at or call 03 9314 5589

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers' popularity continue to rise as they are proven to be very useful in so many ways other than storing and transporting goods. In fact, many people buy a shipping container to make i...


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