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Troubleshooting Inbox Placement

TROUBLESHOOTING INBOX PLACEMENT THINGS YOU NEED FOR TESTING Is your Email going to spam? I Seed List COOLI YES NO Generic Content HTML I Plain Text Isyour Reputation Below 85? NO YES Test domains for blacklists Complaints? Domains Blacklisted? from reply, content NOTE: List quality and list hygiene WILL play a role in your inbox placement, so if you have not done a re-engagement campaign and removed inactives, then this would be the first place to start. Unknown Address *wwwww Infrastructure .........-.--.-- YES NO Message Rejected Get domain delisted Send generic "Test" Review Headers NOTE: Not all ISPS pay attention to the "score". However the score is a symptom of these other factors, which need to be addressed. CONSIDERATIONS INBOX Footer Text URLS YES NO Message Headers IP OK Potential IP Shared IPs? Test Plain text only version of TIP: Once you have an HTML email that inboxes, consider creating a tem- plate and using that each time you send a message so that you can eliminate the HTML variable. NO your email inbax YES Change Content EMAIL DELIVERED HANAGE MONITOR MONETIZE For more information on how to troubleshoot why your emails go to your subscriber's spam folder, visit NOTE: You may need to try several varia- tions of the message to get it to inbox. If this is the case, your content is most likety the problem and you will want to work on Test HTML RESOURCES: Watch the complete video on how to get your emails delivered to the inbox by visiting Sign up for the Email Delivered Pulse newsletter: For over a decade Heather Seitz used email marketing to build succesful companies and had to solve the biggest barrier to consistent profitabity: deliverability. Today she is the Co-Founder and CEO of Email Delivered your message content. © Copyright 2014. & Marketers Publishing Group, Inc.

Troubleshooting Inbox Placement

shared by heather.seitz on May 14
get you email to the inbox instead of to the spam folder. Everyone has emails that get sent to spam every once and a while, but if they are consistently ending up in the junk folder then there are som...


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