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The Tried & True SEO Blueprint For Bloggers

THE TRIED & TRUE SEO BLUEPRINT FOR BLOGGERS Fast Track Your Content to Page 1 in Just 14 Days DAY 1 PICK A ТOPIC How To. Q&A Behind the Scenes If you have an established blog, look at your site analytics. Find your Collaboration Case most popular pieces of content, and Interview choose one to optimize. If you're starting from scratch, pick Study 3-5 topics you could easily write 1000+ words about. DAY 2 66 DO YOUR KEYWORD Meals for kids RESEARCH What's the real world language people are using to search for your topic? Write down your own 30 minute dinners Easy dinner ideas keyword ideas, and then cross check your list with a keyword planner. DAY 3 LIST OUT KEYWORD VARIATIONS Google doesn't like robotic content. o Basketball shoe Before you draft your post outline, o Best shoes for basketball player list out different synonyms, tenses, and keyword arrangements. This is o Basketball footwear review called keyword stemming. O Most wanted basketball shoes Best deal I How to I DAY 4 DAY 5 GAIN INSIGHT INTO OUTLINE YOUR USER INTENT CONTENT Search for your keywords in Google. Separate your ideas into digestible Check out all sites on the first page. chunks. If you're just optimizing an Read through the content, and make existing post, make an outline sure your chosen keywords match anyways. Google loves seeing you the search intent and results listed. regularly refresh your content. H1 DAY 6 Top 10 On Page SEO Tips WRITE YOUR HEADERS H2 Write for the user Be mindful of word count. Use H1, H2, H3, etc. in hierarchical order. If you can work it in naturally, Example .... H3 put your keyword at the beginning of the header. DAY 7 WRITE YOUR TITLE TAG, Helpful Widgets META DESCRIPTION, AND URL Your title tag will determine CTR. The 10 Essential Widgets to.. URL URL should be short, sweet, and We've assembled a list of 10 helpful widgets. These sidebar widgets will help you attract include a keyword or variation. The blog visitors on a regular basis. meta description is a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch for your content. Meta Description The End DAY 8 DAY 9 WRITE THE OPENING FINISH THE REST PARAGRAPH OF THE POST This is your chance to capture Header usage is super important Google's interest. Include a keyword here. With each header, make sure variation in that first paragraph, and you follow with no more than 200 make sure your intro entices the user words of content. This makes it to keep reading. easy to digest for both Google and the reader. DAY 10 LINK OUT WHERE APPROPRIATE Google loves to see both internal and outbound links in your content. Link to a trusted external source, as well as relevant onsite content. DAY 11 FIND AND ADD IMAGES Tell a visual story within the content. Head over to for the best free stock images or use your own brand photos. DAY 12 REVIEW YOUR LINEAR DISTRIBUTION When you're finished, print out the post. Highlight all your keyword variations. Make sure they're evenly distributed, and not stuffed into one section. ... DAY 13 RUN YOUR POST H. THROUGH THE HEMINGWAY APP Google loves when you keep it simple. Eliminate passive language and hard to read sentences with this awesome tool. Publish SHARE YOUR CONTENT WITH THE WORLD! This infographic was brought to you by Kristen raises the bar with an ambitious approach to on page SEO. She teaches bloggers, coaches, and influencers how to plug into free, qualified traffic. Rooted in user intent, her uncompromising strategy lays the groundwork for powerful, organic results.

The Tried & True SEO Blueprint For Bloggers

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Showing you how to fast track your content to page 1 in just 14 days


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