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Top Ten Tips - How To Wash Up

Тор Теn Тiрл: Hom to Wash Up 1. Do the washing up straight away - On average, momen spend I hour 30 mins on mashing up per veek. dried on and hardened Food takes much longer to remove and you dorft want to prolong the misery! Wear gloves - the hotter the water the better it will be at cutting through grease (and you worft wreck your hands and nalls). 2. 4. IF anything has been baked onto pots and pans Fill these with hot water and washing up liquid and Dorft add too much washing up liquid - you will just have to spend more time rinsing oFF those bubbles. 3. leave to soak while you wash the rest oF the dishes First. Wash glasses First - before you wash anything greasy that will smear on the glass. 5. Next wash your cutlery - while the water is clean and hot - as these 6. utensils go into your mouth. Then crockery (wipe plates into the bin First with paper towel so you dorft introduce too much gunk into the water). 7. 8. Lastly wash any pots and pans - leaving the greasiest and those that have been left soaking till last. Ock 10. IF yot've used very hot water. china and 9. Rinse each item in clean water as you go. IF you have 2 sinks it can be helpful to Fill the second glass should dry by themselves pretty quickly. However. cutlery will look better iF you dry it ofF with a linen tea towel - you will Find a trusty sidekick will come in handy For this! with clean water and simply dip your clean dishes in and give them a quick swirl before putting on the draining board. Brought to you by: Produced By: A SIN ATTWOOD V-DIGITALO article-2251053/Christmas-Its-ch ore-House-proud-women-spend-equivalent-WEEKS-year-cleaning-F amily-home--pressures-Christmas-thanks-dreaded-visit-laws.html http://www.welovecleancouk/things-to-do/washing-up/

Top Ten Tips - How To Wash Up

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An infographic with steps on the most efficient way to wash the dishes by hand




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