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Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Family Online

TOP 10 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY ONLINE Parents are 85% more concerned about online privacy and security than they were five years ago. The risks are real, but the solutions are clear. Decide where your children can and can't go on the Internet and communicate with them about online threats. Among other known online security threats, there are over 1 million different viruses worldwide. Use a complete anti-virus solution such as the new 2012 ZoneAlarm products to protect yourself online. More than three-fourths of Americans (79%) use anti-virus solutions to protect their privacy online. You be Monitor your children's social media behaviors and privacy settings. 70% of parents have discussed social networking privacy with their teens. 4 Back up everything on a regular basis to avoid losing important personal information. One in four online Americans never backs up the files on his/her computer. Protect yourself by creating proper passwords. Less than two-thirds of Americans (61%) report using safe passwords. 6. Teach your kids that giving out personal information online is like giving it to strangers and to ask you for permission if it is necessary. Only 50% of Americans trust their social networking contacts to keep information private. Read online privacy policies. Secure your own wireless network and avoid open Wi-Fi networks. O 32% of Americans admit to using their neighborss open Wi-Fi networks. 9. 10 Learn how to recognize scams and effectively manage your email activity. Teach your connected family to be cautious online and use common sense. Unfortunately, 92% of parents believe their kids are sharing too much information about themselves online. SOURCES: | | | | | | | Z ZONEALARM by Check Point

Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Family Online

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
The dangers of children online aren't only about danger to them, of course. If they share too much information or download the wrong thing, we could end up with a burgled house or a computer virus.


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