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Top 10 Fire Starters Infographic

TOP 10 FIRE STARTERS 1. STRIKE ANYWHERE 2. BUTANE LIGHTER MATCHES Good strike-anywhere matches are increasingly difficult to find. I stock up on my favorite brand when we are in Canada for our canoe trips. Lightweight and realiable lif kept dry) a disposable butane lighter may get a little sluggish at very low temperatu- res. Not as traditional or picturesque but if you must light a fire in difficult conditions a butane lighter can safe your life. 4. STEEL WOOL 3. LIFE BOAT MATCHES AND BATTERY Lifeboat matches are made by several different manufactu- rers, look for high quality ones. They burn for ten or twelve seconds, and that can make a big difference! More interesting than practical, a nine volt battery and 0000 steel wool are an old standby. Touching both poles of the battert to the steel wool creates an electrical short that heats and ignites the fire strands of steel wool. 5. FLINT AND STEEL 6. FRICTION Rubbing two sticks together is not a viable method, unless one of them is a match! Flint and steel was the standard firelighter for centuries. Key to successful use is a good steel striker, a sharp piece of lint or similar stone and a ready supply of char cloth, and plenty of practice. 7. FERROCERIUM ROD 8. BIRTHDAY CANDLES A small candle or a piece of a Is a man-made metallic material that sparks at temperatures at 3,000 °F when scraped with a knife blade or larger candle ought to be in any fire-lighting kit. Lightweight, small, and easy to find birthday candles burn for a few minutes. steel striker. 9. WAXED EGG CARTON 10. BIRCH BARK Fill the chambers of a used egg The bark of down, dead birch carton with sawdust, a charcoal briquette, dryer lint, a roll of newspaper, etc and fill with melted wax. trees contains flammable resins. Once lit a roll of birch bark will burn hot and long enough to start a fire in wet conditions. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

Top 10 Fire Starters Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 12
Types of the best fire starters that you can use when you need a fire


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