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Tips to write powerful article

Tips To Write Powerful Article Tip My Business [dot] com Choice of words Articles are collections of words but what matters is your choice of words. Some interesting words can be used every now and then, for example, using the phrase "cudgel one's brain" instead of the word "pondering" can make your article all the more interesting The Structure of the Article Having long blocks or paragraphs in your article can be very boring to even look at. To make it more attractive, make short sentences. Use one word for many, wherever you can. A very common notion is to make a sentence of not more than 7 words wherever possible. Stick to the Topic Sticking to the topic is one thing which I've witnessed many writers struggling at. Sometimes a writer drifts away from the main topic and discussion. This creates confusion in the mind of the readers, eventually turning them off. Tell a Story Including a story in an article works wonders. Everyone loves to read an anecdote, so it is always safe and good to include a story in your article. Writing in First Person We all know how a joke or a story becomes all the more interesting and funny when told in the first person. For example, if I tell a joke stating that it happened with me, I am bound to gather more attention from the listener. Similarly, if an article is written in the first person, it is hard for the reader to not finish it. The third person voice is usually awkward and dull. Transition Adding transitions is unavoidable in an article and how to do it appropriately needs to be understood. You must never abruptly change the course of the article. This will make the reader lose track and fall off as he was not expecting the change so suddenly. Lists, headlines, numbers, bullet points, these are the things which can be used to change the topic. Like in this article, I've used bullet points to segregate the different points to be included in an article. Clarity People love to read what they really expected from the headline. Some writers tend to roam around the main topic and somehow avoid telling what a reader was there to read. Well, this is some sort of art too but is not a good art. One has to be very clear about his/her thoughts. Being a writer, you cannot be in 2 states of mind and confusion for a writer is like a computer virus. It will destroy the article from its core. Fascinating Details A dry subject matter can make your article or essay very boring. Sometimes the case is that that the topic is really boring and nothing much fascinating can be included. This is where your creativity must strike. You can make the article such that it relates to real life. If people relate to what they read, hear or watch, then it is certain that they will love the article and would be waiting for more from you. Active Voice Writing in active voice is probably the oldest trick in the book. It is a more energetic and flamboyant style of writing. Some belief that writing in passive voice makes the article or essay look more professional and academic but it isn't true on a wider platform Source:

Tips to write powerful article

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Not most but many of the articles which we read on the internet and dull and mundane. Most of the times, there are just facts stated and not much interest is developed. It is highly recommended to div...


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