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Tips and Tricks: How Truckers Can Save Money and Stay Healthy

The Life of Tips& Trickš a Trucker Budgeting and Saving Money 3 Figure out your take home pay for the month. Make a list of all of your monthly expenses and divide them into two categories, fixed or variable. Add up all expenses in each category. The goal is to make sure your expenses are not greater than your income. It also should alloww you to create a dollar amount to save each month. Analyze your spending habits and make adjustments. If you spend more than you make in a given month, you need to adjust your spending habits. $14 OO Less than 1 year $15.21 1-4 years $16.93 5-9 years $17.45 10-19 years $18.54 20+ years Eating Healthy O on the Road Tips Choose an omelet filled with vegetables and a side of whole wheat toast instead of a stack of pancakes and syrup. If you want something sweet, choose a bran muffin, which is a good source of fiber. Individually wrapped portions of string cheese can be kept in a cooler and are a great source of calcium and protein. Bring baked whole grain crackers along on your trip. This is good for added fiber and nutrients. Crackers Bring plentų of water. It will keep you hydrated and, if you spill it, won't stain the H upholstery like sodas. WATER Find sandwich shops that let you select your sandwich ingredients. Choose whole grain breads, lean meats, and lots of vegetables. 6. Exercising Tips Walking requires no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. When you stop for the night, take a brisk lap or two around the truck stop to serve as your cardio for the day. Mini Workouts For 30 Minute Breaks Basic Jump: Jump for one minute, rest one minute. Alternate-Foot Jump: Jump for one minute, rest one minute. Combo Jump: Alternate-Foot Jump for 8 rope turns, then 8 basic jumps. Jump for one minute, rest one minute, repeat sequence. High Step: (Alternate-Foot jump, but raise knee to 90 degree angle) - Jump for one minute, rest one minute. Uber Jump: (Either basic or alternate-foot jump) Jump for 5 minutes. If 5 is too difficult, jump for one minute, rest for one minute, and repeat as many times as you can. Sources http://wuw.thehealthytruckernet/mini-evercises-for-truck-driuers htm http://ww.thehealthytruckenet/truck-driuer-budget/ neus/2006//trucker_stories long-haltruck-driuerand-23ONtmicat-27 S SUBURBAN SEATING Average Salary

Tips and Tricks: How Truckers Can Save Money and Stay Healthy

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The Cost of the Road Making a living as a truck driver constantly on the road, can require disciple to make sure your salary stretches as far as you want it to. Not only do you have to budget your mon...


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