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Surefire Writing Strategies for Those Who Think They Can't Write

Surefire & WRITING STRATEGIES For Those Who Think They Can't Write A student, a CEO, an online marketer or a beginner writer, time comes when you have to put words on a page. That's when the "I Can't Write" syndrome comes in. And there's no room for it, if a tight deadline is just around the corner. Preparation for the Writing Process Read The more you read the better you write – as simple as that. Read an article online, a fiction book, a daily newspaper, whatever comes into your hands, and finding words for your writing will be easier. Morning Pages Begin your day with free writing three pages by hand. This is a good way to ignite your creativity. Rid Yourself Of The Internet Eliminate distractions like Facebook notifications by going offline and opening a document that only allows you to write on your computer desktop. Writing Strategies to Prove You Can Write Get Rid Of I'm Just Not a Writer Thought Everyone has the potential to be a writer. So reverse the energy. You can be a writer. Tell yourself, "I am absolutely capable of writing." Stop Waiting for Perfect Words Trying to make every sentence a work of art will just leave you sitting in fear. Start writing words on the page. Once you have started, you can go back and revise everything. But until you start, you will never know where you are trying to go. Move Words, Sentences, Paragraphs Like Pieces of a Puzzle The nice thing about writing on a computer is that you can move words and phrases with minimal effort. With this thought alone, you'll find it easier to get into your writing flow. Condense Your Point Into a Few Words When composing an essay, a business pitch or a work email, make sure you know exactly what you're trying to communicate. If you're struggling to write, it may be a sign that you are confused about what you want to say. Go for shorter phrases and sentences. You'll have a better chance of producing a concise, well written piece. Don't Necessarily Start In The Beginning START If you're having a hard time with your introduction, but know exactly what the middle part will look like, start with that. Write the portion you know best first and work from there. Say It Out Loud In a conversation, it's acceptable that we might have to stop, correct ourselves and continue speaking. Allow yourself that freedom in your writing process. If that's hard to do, talk out loud to yourself to get the thoughts flowing. Smart Edits to Make Your Writing More Powerful O DITCH It's fun to edit Empty Filler Words Editing is fun Words like it, here, or there followed by a form of the verb to be are Here are some things to consider grammar expletives that weaken your writing by shifting emphasis away from the true drivers Some things to consider are of your sentences. DAVOID Weak Adjectives Really bad Terrible Weak adjectives sap the strength from your writing just as despicably as weak verbs. Нарру Thrilled Certain words like really and very, usually precede weak adjectives. He's not a bore He's hilarious OTRIM But the fact of the matter is Flabby Words And Phrases But (Avoid flabby colloquial expressions when possible) Today's readers have limited time and patience for flabby writing. Editing is absolutely essential Say what you mean as concisely as possible before your readers vanish. Editing is essential (Absolutely is redundant) WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE NOW? With these writing strategies and editing hacks you CAN WRITE anything you need! So grab a pencil or open a new document on your computer and get some writing going. .com ESSAYTIGERS -people-who-think-they-cant-write.html

Surefire Writing Strategies for Those Who Think They Can't Write

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If you're thinking "writing is just not my thing", and for hours you sit staring at a blank page, read advice from this infographic.




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