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Supermarket Cheat Sheet

Supermarket cheat sheet The weekly food shop can so easily go from spend to splurge. Our survey* revealed 76% of people are seduced by special offers, costing them an average of £11.14 per shop. But, with a dash of planning and a sprinkling of know-how, you can cut the cost of your food bill. Before you set off, ask yourself: Do I really need to go shopping? Have I made a shopping list? If not, make one now Do bigger shops - but less often 82% of people make shopping lists and 61% of these say it makes them feel more in control of their money. Your wallet could benefit from buying in bulk, especially if you're among the 26% who shop three or more times every week. Have I got my shopping bags? Is my stomach rumbling? Bring your own bags Have a pre-supermarket snack With retailers now charging 5p per bag, bringing your own is an easy win. 68% of people have clocked this and 59% say food shopping when hungry makes them buy more than they'd planned – already opt for reusable bags. and spend on average £10.87 more. Know when to stop 31% of those who make unplanned purchases end up buying extra fruit and veg. But be honest: will you eat those superfoods – or will they end up rotting in the fridge? 33% 33% Compare prices by weight Extra FREE Extra FREE Is that 33% extra free really what it seems? Do the maths: find the per-weight price and compare across items. Don't go on gut feeling: From a list of four offers (BOGOF, buy two get a third free) (53%) of people could not select the deal with the best value. BOGOF BOGOF Stick to your list Would you have bought those items anyway? If not, steer clear. 76% of people say they buy more items as a result of special offers (including the mighty buy one, get one free), costing them an average of £11.14 per shop. Go 'own brand' Before stacking your trolley high with cans of baked beans, try checking out the supermarket's own brand instead. As 42% of shoppers have realised, chances are it's a lot cheaper. :l:l:l:1: Pay in cash Pay cash – and you could find it easier to stay under budget. 25% of people say they typically ££££ spend less when paying cash than with other payment methods, while only 9% say they spend more. 09011984 Did you stick to your guns (and your shopping list) and race through the weekly shop like a hero? If so, you can go home and enjoy the warm glow that comes with saving. * Data based on an online survey of 2004 UK adults conducted between 8 and 11 January 2016 by Opinium Research УД

Supermarket Cheat Sheet

shared by alexzazzle on Mar 17
An infographic filled with useful tips and tricks to help the average person save money on their next trip to the supermarket.


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