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The Stylish Professional: How to Build a Work Wardrobe

THE ...When You Don't Have Much Money Stylish Professional: Because You Haven't Started Your Job Yet It's a catch 22: You need nice clothes before you start your job, but you don't have the money to buy nice clothes because you haven't started your job. So, what do you do? Here are some budget-friendly ways to creatively deck out your wardrobe so you look like a million bucks on your first day on the job. HOW TO BUILD A WORK WARDROBE MEN WOMEN Invest first in a two-piece suit Invest in four main pieces: Jacket, pants, skirt and budget-permitting. a dress. Start with graY or Start with a neutral solid, so that you can wear the items separately if needed. For example. pair the suit pants with a shirt and cardigan, or pair the jacket with black. Tropical wool with a little stretch ch will make it seasonally versatile and save you money on a fivo-pocket pressing. . Gray and dark blue are the most neutral. Stay away from black and brown until you're ready to buy a second Before Add a fine wool turtleneck to keep you warm in the winter. or third suit. Check your existing wardrobe for items to add such as nice gold or silver jewelry you've inherited or good leather boots to wear in winter. A non-faded polo shirt might work on casual days. Tropical wool will be cool enough to wear in summer but warm enough for winter. In summer pair with a linen r chambray shirt. Layer a cardigan or v-neck sweater underneath on cold winter days. DON'T SKIMP ON TAILORING. Many stores include it for free, or offer an inexpensive tailoring service. A jacket no matter how expensive, isn't worth wearing if it doesn't fit in e shoulders. Inspiration: Don't worry if you can't afford a stylist. Just look for the best-dressed person working in the store and ask for their advice. Seek inspiration from films, magazines and books. The opposite applies. A bright, pat- terned scarf can draw attention and Choose your ties carefully. A loud, contrasting tie can cheapen a good suit. Look forsomething more subtle that looks integrated with your outfit. distract the eye from the rest of your suit, giving you a refreshed look with- out having to purchase a new outfit. Anew haircut will also go a long way in keeping your wardrobe looking current. Just because the briefoase doesn't has gone ex ld carry a mean you s backpack - those are for the hiking trails. A messenger bag will look less casual BAGS a't cut too sharply into your shoulder. Use a smaller purse for your personal belongings. Find a large handbag with wide straps so that the weight of your work materials don't c and still have the same funetionality. Fashion faux pas: Not taking care of your shoes Nothing drags down a nice suit like a shabby pair of shoes. Men only need one pair for work, so make sure they're polished and in good repair. Flip-flops at work SAVE THEM FOR THE BEACH. Don't drag down a good suit with bad grooming. A hairout and a shave will finish off your look and don't cost much. MORE STYLISH ADVICE: Get a floor length mirror at home. Consider a three-way mirror if possible. WHEN YOU GET A RAISE OR BONUS: Gold or silver jewelry will never go out of style. A good, timeless watch will always enhance your wardrobe WHEN TO SHOP Clearance sales are a great time to stock up on auxiliary pieces (shirts, blouses and trendy a that will make your basics look more relevant. Buy stripes, patterns and bold colors on sale so you can bring out the versatility of your more expensive suit pieces. Don't count on markdown season to find suiting pieces, however. They rarely go on discount since they're seasonless and you want to make sure you have good selection to get the best fit. WOw, You look great! NOW IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME MONEY. mint.or Seuree imce Knen, Creative Direter and EVPof Design. Banna Repute

The Stylish Professional: How to Build a Work Wardrobe

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The catch 22 of finding a job is that you don't have money, but you need proper clothes for your future job and interviews. This infographic provides some tips of budget friendly ways to create a prop...




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