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The Stock / Bond Split In Your 401k Demystified

THE STOCK /BOND SPLIT : DEMYSTIFIED % BONDS Your Retirement Investments ニ %STOCKS YOUR PERSONAL IDEAL SPLIT DEPENDS ON TWO QUESTIONS: How close to retirement are you? Bonds How is your stomach for risk? Have less stock if you are clóse to retiring. Have less stock if short term,. market fluxuations make you QUEASY. EACH YEAR YOUR IDEAL STOCK/ BOND SPLIT CHANGES. You should have a little less stock (& thus a little more bonds) Dver time) 016 019 (THIS LETS YOu CAPTURE THe HIGHER LONG TERM RETURNS OF STOCK WHILE HAVING THE STABILITY OF BONDS WHEN YOU ARE OLDER) 2020 2022 2024 IF YOU MASH EACH YEAR'S STOCK/BOND SPLIT TOGETHER... 22026 YOU GET THE *GLIDE PATH" lo0% PORTFOLIO W4 ALLOCATION 209. 0% 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 5 Retire +5 O Domestic STOCKS Inflation protected BONDS O Nomin al BONDS o Cash O International STOCKS PSST! L FIND YOUR PERSONAL STOCK BOND SPLIT. TOTALLY FREE: FUTURE ADVISOR.COM

The Stock / Bond Split In Your 401k Demystified

shared by futureadvisor on Jan 25
If you've ever wondered how to divide your retirement accounts between stock and bonds, this will help you understand better.


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