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Staying Safe in Winter

Staying Safe in Winter SURVIVAL KIT Now it isn't always the case in the UK, but every now and again we do get snowy or stormy weather that can make conditions difficult when pursuing outdoor activities. For avid hunters and anglers, it means that extra preparation is needed to ensure safety during the winter, especially when cold conditions can make being outside more dangerous than usual. The nights get longer and the air gets colder, which means simple things like remembering a torch or adding an extra layer of insulated clothing can make all the difference. Don't let the darkness dampen your spirits this season. Instead, follow these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip out. ESSENTIAL ITEMS Portable Charger Torch Hand Warmer Start with assembling the essential items you need for any outdoor trip. A portable charger will make sure that running out of battery on your phone cannot happen, which is vital if your faced with an emergency situation. A powerful torch with plenty of charge is required for low-light weather so is a must for any winter trip. Lastly, assuming you are faced with particularly cold weather, an electronic or gas-powered hand warmer will not only ensure you keep warm but will be helpful if you are required to operate something intricate with your hands, such as baiting a fishing hook. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING Base Layer Hat Coat Spare Clothes Gloves Wellington Boots Another essential is of course the clothing you wear, but there is so much to include that it deserves a section of its own. Start off with a base layer like a vest or synthetic thermal underwear that looks like a full body suit. Wear regular clothing over the top and then ensure you have a coat, gloves, hat, and walking or wellington boots to finish off your practical ensemble. Lastly, pack spare clothes so that if you get wet, you have dry clothes to change into. FOOD oil ... Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Depending on the length of your trip, you may also want to think about the types of foods you are taking, simply so that if you do find yourself traipsing through a snowy wood you have enough energy to get out again! fats such as Nuts or meats, and carbohydrates such as cereals, vegetables, fruits or breads will ensure that you have a healthy supply of energy but be warned, consuming too much may leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. proteins on the other hand, are contained in foods such as Meat, Dairy and Eggs. They are essential for building muscle and tissue, so are worth consuming before, during and after a trip. DRIVING D • amo ADE O De-icer First Aid Kit A shovel Tow rope Satnav Blankets If your trip towards a hunting or fishing spot includes driving, it's also wise to consider appropriate items you will need for the car. This includes general seasonal items such as de-icer. A shovel, and a tow rope to tackle particularly extreme winter weather. A Satnav is always important if you are travelling to a location you haven't visited before, just to keep you on the right track. Lastly if you pack a first aid kit and blankets, you are covering every possible outcome in an emergency situation. If you are planning a hunting or fishing trip during the winter season, check out some of our great products that will help you cover every eventuality. With the right survival kit, it will ensure you avoid any problems when weather conditions start to get worse. Most importantly, remember to stay safe this winter! Sources: een's Tackle & 6uns

Staying Safe in Winter

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Don't let the darkness dampen your spirits this season. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip out.


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