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Squeaky Clean: A Guide to Cleaning Your Appliances

SQUEAKY CLEAN A Guide to Cleaning Your Appliances INCREASING THE LIFESPAN OF YOUR APPLIANCES REFRIGERATOR Average lifespan: 13 years WHAT TO DO: Use a long-handled refrigerator Clean underneath coil brush or vacuum crevice freestanding fridges. tool to remove dust around the condenser coils. Dust on top of built-in fridges. With a damp cloth, wipe off door seals and gaskets. WHY: Dust around the coils Dirty gaskets tear or makes the unit work stretch, letting cold air harder, which can leak out. shorten its life. DISHWASHER Average lifespan: 9 years WHAT TO DO: RACK REPAIR KIT Rinse food particles Touch up rusty/cracked prongs with a dishwasher rack repair kit. out of removable filter. ----- KOOL-AID Wipe down door To remove stains pour a Lemonade Kool-Aid packet into the detergent cup and run empty gaskets and frames. dishwasher. The citric acid in the mix wipes out stains. WHY: Exposed rack prongs Food particles will end up on clean dishes if the filter is Door gaskets that don't seal can leak scratch dishes and glassware, and replacement racks and create a mess. clogged. aren't cheap. GAS RANGE Average lifespan: 13 years WHAT TO DO: Use a sewing needle, pin, or paper clip to poke through burner ports. Soak burner caps and rings in soapy water to remove residue. WHY: 88 Spills can block gas burner ports, possibly preventing ignition. MICROWAVE OVEN AND VENT HOOD Average lifespan: 9 years WHAT TO DO: Wipe interior and door seals with a damp cloth. Clean grease filters from the vent hood monthly by removing, soaking in soapy water, rinsing, drying, and replacing. Replace charcoal filter every 6-12 months. WHY: Clogged/dirty vent hood filter May run less efficiently due to food spills sticking to the interior. won't get smoke and odors out of the kitchen. WASHING MACHINE Average lifespan: 10 years WHAT TO DO: Swap rubber drain hoses Wipe out the detergent dispenser drawer regularly with a damp cloth. for braided stainless steel mesh. Wipe the door gasket of front-loaders with damp cloth. WHY: A clean detergent drawer allows the Rubber drain hoses Dry gaskets prevent mold and mildew from forming in the can burst and cause right amount of detergent to flow during the wash cycle. water damage. seals. CLOTHES DRYER Average lifespan: 13 years WHAT TO DO: Clean the lint filter before Replace flexible plastic or foil duct with rigid or semi-rigid metal duct. or after each load. Remove lint buildup in the Regularly check the vent duct with a vacuum. outside where the air exits the house for clogs or poor airflow. WHY: Flexible plastic or foil ducting is easily crushed, causing Reduced airflow from lint buildup reduces efficiency and may obstructions in airflow. cause a fire. GARBAGE DISPOSAL Average lifespan: 12 years WHAT TO DO: Periodically, grind up a Use cold water when running few ice cubes. the disposal and allow water to run for 1-2 minutes afterward. WHY: Ice cubes clear buildup. Cold water keeps fat and grease chunky, so it can be ground and washed away. CLEANING YOUR KITCHEN GADGETS COFFEE MAKER MATERIALS: Vinegar Water INSTRUCTIONS: Fill water reservoir Turn on the Turn off and let with a mixture of half coffeemaker and let sit for an hour. distilled white vinegar several cups run through. and half water. Run plain water through a few times until the vinegar odor Turn on again to complete the cycle. disappears. BLENDER MATERIALS: Hot water Dish soap INSTRUCTIONS: Fill blender pitcher halfway with hot water. Add a drop of dish soap. Turn on blender for Rinse thoroughly with 10 seconds. more hot water. TOASTER MATERIALS: Toaster Trash can Small pastry brush Warm soapy water Dry dish Damp dish Vinegar (for stainless steel) towel towel INSTRUCTIONS: ------ ---- ---- ---- Unplug toaster Shake off loose crumbs If tray is still Use a small pastry or basting brush to get into the difficult and let cool. from crumb tray. encrusted, wash it with warm soapy If yours doesn't have a tray, turn toaster upside down and gently shake. water until clean; then dry. corners. Wipe the exterior and knobs with a damp cloth and gentle Use a bit of vinegar on a cloth to shine a stainless steel Replace crumb trays. soap. exterior. Giving your appliances a thorough cleaning doesn't just keep your home looking clean-it can also increase their lifespans and save you money. Try out these recipes to keep your home and wallet happy. • • • Brought to you by: In Partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH& Co. ..... •....

Squeaky Clean: A Guide to Cleaning Your Appliances

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Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and instead of simply spraying your appliances with cleaner, it’s well worth your time – and money – to give your appliances a good cleaning. www.erep...



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