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Solar And Wind Energy Infographic

SOLAR AND WIND ENERGY TYPES OF CLEAN ENERGY MANY TYPES OF CLEAN ENERGY ARE BEING USED TO GENERATE ELECTRICITY. THIS INFOGRAPHIC WILL TELL YOU ABOUT 2 MAIN TYPES: SOLAR ENERGY AND WIND ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY Solar cells convert sunlight to electricity using semiconductors. Solar cells are mostly made up crystals of silicon. Besides silicon, other materials like CdTe and CIGS are also becoming popular choices. WIND ENERGY Sun releases energy in the form of the light Wind turbines have main rotor shaft and electric generator at the top of their towers. Turbines generally have 3 blades which can be more than 50 m in length. TEST YOURSELF! End consumer of the energy from the sun Try to answer some of the questions below after your readings: CARBON FACTS! 1. How many types of solar cell are used at the testbeds at T20? Trace your average carbon footprint a year. TM table below provides an average estimation of the energy consumed by each product in the form of carbon dioxide released in a year to keep it running. 2. How does temperature affect the performance of solar panels? 3. What is the advantage of using hybrid solar cells? 2009.175 kg 48.543 kg 210 204 kg Car Washing Machine Shower Tap Table Lamp 4. What are Cd Te and CIGS solar cells? What are the advantages of using such cells as compared to silicon cells? 81.727 kg TV 169.231 kg Power Point Personal Computer Fan Air- Conditioner Rice Cooler Kitchen Ventilator Refrigerator Microwave 416.099 kg 165.666 kg 211.885 kg 2374.038 kg 95.186 kg 67.99 kg 754.093 kg 109.17 kg SURVIVAL MASTERY AMOUNT OF ENERGY REQUIRED FOR COMMON ELECTRONIC GADGETS: Source: If a 90W laptop is switched on for about 3 hours everyday in a typical household, it will consume 8.1kWh of energy per month. A cellphone's battery holds on average, 6Wh worth of energy. Assuming this phone requires charging everyday, in a month, you would have used 180Wh of energy. A group of 20 students with phones would have drawn 3.6kWh of power per month. In a year that would be 43.2kWh of energy!

Solar And Wind Energy Infographic

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Types of clean energy explained and carbon facts


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