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Smokin' Meat for Beginners find everything home- SMOKIN' FOR BEGINNERS Cooking crazy-good fare on the grill is a favorite pastime of the season. Take your skills to a new level by getting in on the hippest new way to add some extra flavor: Smoking. ANATOMY OF A SMOKER GOOD OL' GRILL GRATES WATER PAN CHARCOAL PAN For water, beer, or juice - whatever you prefer! a ka "the heat box." Charcoal & wood chips go here. For meat, veggies & the like. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR PROPER SMOKING: O TIME 2 FUEL 8 MOISTURE 4 SMOKE 6 WOOD O HEAT CHIPS (180-250°F) FUEL FOR THOUGHT CHARCOAL GAS ELECTRIC + Adds authentic flavor + Heats faster & is easy to use + Convenient & easy + Cooks hotter & smokes easily + Constant, consistent heat - for up to 20 hours! + Can be plugged in & left to smoke for hours - Little fussier - harder to gauge the temperature & keep it consistent - Where's the char-grilled flavor? - Can lack authentic flavor BASIC SMOKER STYLES vs. BOX VERTICAL PROS: Spacious & easy to use PROS: Charcoal (read: great flavor!) CONS: Usually propane or electric CONS: Smaller smoking space Let stuff smoke for at least 2 hours between 180-250°F, depending on your selection. Then, keep on smokin' until fully cooked, or finish with your preferred cooking method. LOW SLOW - PICKS & PAIRINGS WHITE MEAT RED MEAT FISH CHEESE CHERRY HICKORY MAPLE MESQUITE OAK PECAN - CHERRY - MILD, FRUITY - MESQUITE - EARTHY, STRONG - HICKORY - STRONG, SWEET, BACON-Y - OAK - HEAVY, FLAVORFUL - MAPLE - SMOOTH, SMOKY, SLIGHTLY SWEET - PECAN - MILDLY SWEET CHIPS TO SKIP Steer clear of the likes of pine, fir & spruce, as well as redwood, cedar, cypress, elm, eucalyptus, or sycamore. START SMOKING TODAY!

Smokin' Meat for Beginners

shared by Hayneedle on Feb 23
A beginners guide to smoking meat, this infographic covers which meats pair best with which wood chips for the best flavor and so much more.




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