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SeoAgenciesLondon Infographics.

SEO, BOY! Why It's an Exciting Time for Search in the Enterprise The search engine optimization industry is advancing. And rapidly, too. As businesses demand greater online visibility and recognition, the value and influence of successful SEO within organizations is expected to reach unprecedented heights. BUDGETS ARE GROWING At 66%, most marketers say their budgets for SEO have grown, and more than a quarter reported growth by more than 25% How organizations' natural search budget has changed in the last 12 months compared to the previous year 5% |Went down 40% 8% Grew by more than 1% to 25% * Grew by more than 50% 18% Grew by more than 26% to 5o% 29% O Stayed the Same- AND SO ARE THE CURRENT (and Projected) HEADCOUNT With their extended budgets, companies are hiring more employees to work on boosting SEO, and most expect to see a 33% increase by the end of next year. Percent who say that the Percent who say that the natural search team headcount natural search team headcount has increased in the last year will increase over the next year 60% 2013 (Expected) 2012 SEARCH IS ITS OWN DEPARTMENT Altbough IN MANY COMPANIES most organizations, SEO is covered Marketing department, it is now second most common to find that it is separated into its own entity and department. nder the The department that SEO reports to in surveyed organization Your friendly SEO team! Outsources SEO to an agency or third party 9% -Tech/IT 11% 46% -Other Marketing 14% Web 16% Search is its own department- AWARENESS AND INFLUENCE How much executive teams feel their familiarity with SEO business/metrics has changed in the last year CEOS & SEO Most executive teams now Increased 63% report that their familiarity with SEO business and Stayed the same 35% metrics has gone up over the past year. Decreased 40 50 60 70 80 Percent of Respondents ITS ROLE IN THE BOTTOM LINE How much natural search has changed in In the past, SEO was seen as a largely specialized terms of its role revenue conversations and part of the business, with few other members understanding how it worked or even how it affected the organization. Now, 65% of those surveyed agree: SEO has a rightful seat at the analysis in organizations %6 Far less of a seat revenue table. Not applicable 6% I finally belong! Somewhat less of a seat 42% RESERVED-SEO 23% Somewhat more of a seat Much more of a seat 24% Stay the same THE FUTURE OF SEO The Top 5 Search Goals for Marketers in the Next Year Improve content development strategy 12% Improve on measuring ROI from search 11% Deeper analytics 8% Scale keywords Increase 11% social presence in the SERPS

SeoAgenciesLondon Infographics.

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This Infographics will show you how Seo Companies work. The new information in this article will also guide and help you how to understand the process of the Seo Company.


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