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Secrets of the World's Oldest People

SECRETS OF THE • WORLD'S OLDEST PEOPLE Today, people are living longer than ever. But what do the world's oldest people have in common? CENTENARIAN SUPERCENTENARIAN A person aged 110 years or older 300-450 A person aged 100 years or older Estimated living supercentenarians worldwide Estimated living supercentenarians in the US Validated living supercentenarians 60-75 65 SUPERCENTENARIANS ATA GLANCE THE OLDEST PERSON ON RECORD bulk of oldest supercentenarians verified rare 122 YEARS OLD AND 164 DAYS smoked for over 100 born in 1875 years died in 1997 110 113 115 122 AGE JEANNE CALMENT OLDEST MAN THE OLDEST LIVING PEOPLE TODAY OLDEST WOMAN Number of living supercentenarians Born and Born in Born and Born in 2. 63 resides in 1902 resides in 1898 Italy Japan MEN WOMEN ARTURO LICATA MISAO OKAWA AGE 111 AGE 115 SMALLER BODY FRAMES STRONG WILLED LARGE FAMILIES EXERCISE "Stout" men are less likely to live to age 100 compared to "medium" and "slender" men Being determined Men who have at least 4 Moving around every day children by age 30. GOOD GENETICS RELIGIOUS 20x more likely to have had a relative that lived into old age Strong belief in God, though religions varied COMMON TRAITS BEING A FARMER SOCIALLY ACTIVE OF CENTENARIANS Living an agrarian lifestyle Frequently interact with friends and family HAD YOUNG PARENTS TIME OF YEAR PLANT-BASED DIET SENSE OF PURPOSE Being born to a young mother Born during fall season (Sept, Oct, Nov) Eating fresh, 'natural, foods Buffers against stress and hypertension WHERE THEY LIVE CENTENARIANS IN THE U.S. Blue Zones : regions where people commonly live active lives after age 100 2/3 live with 53,364 other people 50,000 OKINAWA, JAPAN 40,000 LOMA LINDA, CA SARDINIA, ITALY 32,194 85.7% hving in city (as of 2010) 30,000 20,000 0% 100% 10,000 The majority are located in the Northeast NICOYA PENINSULA, COSTA RICA 1980 2010 IKARIA, GREECE or Midwest IMPRESSIVE CENTENARIANS GRANDMA MOSES IRVING BERLIN QUEEN ELIZABETH BA JIN DOROTHEA TANNING AGE 101 AGE 101 AGE 101 AGE 101 AGÉ 102 Completed over 1,600 paintings in her lifetime Composed 17 film scores and 21- broadway scores before he passed away Queen consort from 1936-1953 and popular with the British people One of the most important and widely read.Chinese writers of the 20th century An influential American painter, writer and poet. Married to Max Ernst REMEMBER: WHILE CERTAIN CHARACTERISTICS ARE COMMON IN LONG-LIVING PEOPLE. ADOPTING THEM WON'T NECESSARILY MAKE YOU LIVE LONGER! Sources http://amazing bad-habits-too/ -prize-winner-ronald-coase-influential-british-born-economist-dies/ skydiver-2742940.html TOPCOLLEGESONLINE.ORG omelartielen ticles (201 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Secrets of the World's Oldest People

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While there is no such thing as the fountain of youth, but there are factors commonly associated with extreme longevity. This helpful infographic shows some of the common trains in centenarians and ...


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