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The Secret Formula for the Perfect Viral Share

TheGRET FORMULfor The PERFECT VIRAL SHARE THE BASIC ELEMENTS great! YOU WANT TO CREATE COMPELLING CONTENT BEFORE YOU EVEN BEGIN, HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO KNOW: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY? HOW DO YOU WANT TO SAY IT? POSITIVE EMOTIONS According to a study of over 100 million articles by BuzzSumo, content that evokes awe, amusement, and laughter get the most social shares. ........... O POPULAR EMOTIONS Awe 25% "Human interest stories that inspire people "are the bread and butter of the viral internet." - Neetzan Zimmerman laneetzan) - Gawker's viral content master Anger 06% Laughter 17% Amusement 15% Joy 14% Emphaty 06% Sadness 01% Suprised 02% Other 15% CONSIDER ALSO THE COGNITIVE IMPACT One study found that article from the New York Times that readers found. 34% 16% PRACTICAL SURPRISING 29% INTERESTING ..were most likely to be emailed! RESEARCH! Both studies consistently found that in-depth, long-form content performs better than short content! On average. 3000-10000 WORD ARTICLES 0-1000 WORD ARTICLES get the most social shares. get the least. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO Aa 2000 words per post. Maximize readability of long articles EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR DELIVERY How should you format your content? THE MORE READABLE, THE BETTER According to BuzzSumo, the most shares go to.. GInfographics "Top" Lists 7 "Why" posts "What" posts O How-to's Videos 10 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER IN THE CONTENT EQUATION! BALANCING THE EQUATION YOU'VE GOT YOUR CONTENT, BUT IT'S TIME TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. WHAT SHOULD YOU ADD TO START A SOCIAL REACTION? OPTIMIZED VISUALS FOR = SOCIAL SHARING HAVING AT LEAST ONE IMAGE IN YOUR WRITTEN POST LEADS TO MORE SHARES Like Tweet ON FACEBOOK ON TWITTER Articles with an image are 2.3 TIMES more likely to get shared than those without. Articles with an image are 2.1 TIMES more likely to get shared than those without. Meta tags "You can get an image to display in a Twitter card with the meta tag: <metanames"twitterimage" contenta"http:// /thumbnail.jpg" /> Articles with a specific thumbnail (using meta tags") are 3.1 TIMES more likely to be shared. LEARN MORE AT HTTPS://DEV.TWITTER.COM/CARDS "The meta tag should be in chead section of the article: meta propertys "ogiimage" contente"http// thumbnail.jpg"/ A CATCHY HEADLINE = Your headline is often just as important as your content: IT'S WHAT MAKES PEOPLE CLICK! TIPS FOR TRAFFIC-DRIVING TITLES Offer a promise to Use numbers and the reader. interesting adjectives. "This One Minute Ad Will Teach You More." "18 Unbelievable Ways You Can. Don't be afraid to go Again, appeal to negative! Negatives often perform better emotion and the reader's sense self. than positive titles. "What Would You Do If. ?" "15 Things You Should Never Share On Social." AUTHORITY! People will share content if they think it's from a trustworthy source.* *Interesting note: The New York Times study showed female authors are more likely to go viral. AVERAGE SHARES FOR ARTICLES WITH BYLINE Adding a byline to your article can greatly improve your social share count. FACEBOOK • 100.1 WHAT YOU SHOULD DO GOOGLE+ TWITTER • 100 • 100 • 121 Add a byline at the top of • 142 every a post, and an author bio at the bottom. NO BYLINE/BIO LINKEDIN • 123 HAS BYLINE/BIo PUBLISHING YOUR WORK YOUR MASTERPIECE IS COMPLETE AND READY TO BE SHARED! Here's how you can amplify your viral share CONSULT THE EXPERTS BuzzSumo's study showed that having just one influencer share your article will generate 31.8% more social shares. HOW TO ATTRACT INFLUENCER SHARES See if they have shared similar content and : if yours will be of interest to them. .... -*****.. ***** . .. Include them in the content Mention them in your social through quotes, anecdotes, etc. share and ask for feedback. SHARE AT THE RIGHT TIME • Tuesday is the most successful day for Monday is best for viral content on If FACEBOOK y TWITTER P PINTEREST 18* GOOGLE PLUS in LINKEDIN Do Don't Share content at 9 am and noon EST Share during rush hour!" "According to Zimmerman REVISIT OLD CONTENT Just because a piece doesn't go viral the first time around doesn't mean it isn't good content. SOCIAL SHARES DROP OFF AN AVERAGE OF 96% 3 days after a piece of content is shared. However, EXP Date: 3 days after shared EVERGREEN CONTENT THAT IS SHARED 12 WEEKS AFTER IT IS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED CAN SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE SHARES! NOW YOU HAVE IT All the ingredients for viral ready content! But as with any new study, it's all about testing your content again, again, and again, until you've perfected your viral power! SOURCES: Tslfreeforwarding. gryffin.

The Secret Formula for the Perfect Viral Share

shared by gryffin on May 16
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Just like secret formulas, there are many steps and substances that are needed to be taken into consideration in order to make the perfect viral share. Put together the right mixes of energy, advertis...




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