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ScreenPrinting Instructions

Design Wearing Your Mind's T The Journey from DIGITAL ART to T-Shirt Everyone has had a great idea and thought, "That would make an awe- some t-shirt!" Below, check out the process of bringing that idea from the fog of your imagination, to the comfortable cotton of a graphic tee. THE SIMPLIFIED STEPS 01 Ai CREATE ARTWORK IN VECTOR FORMAT Upload or create your artwork using an artwork program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw. The art needs to be in vector format. 02 SEPARATE COLORS INTO LAYERS Using your artwork pro- gram, separate your image into layers. Each layer represents each color in your image. 03 PRINT ART ON TO TRANSPARENCY FILM For beginners: Start out with a 1 color design such as a black Using an inkjet printer print each individual layer out in black ink on to sheets of transparency film. TIP image on a white shirt. 04 Evenly spread the emulsion over each side of the screens TIP COAT EACH SCREEN WITH IN A LIGHT SAFE ROOM. LIGHT SENSITIVE EMULSION A yellow bug light in a dark bathroom will suffice for a This emulsion will allow each layer of your design onto your screens using UV light. you to expose light safe room. 05 07 RINSE & DRY TAPE TRANSPARENCIES TO SCREENS The area where your Make sure to properly register/align where each transparency is placed, so that the layers line up correctly when printing the t-shirts. transparency was taped will wash away from the screen, leaving your image on the screen and opening the mesh for ink to pass through onto your shirt. TIP Remember to keep the screen in a light safe area until they are washed. A black plastic bag will work. 06 EXPOSE WITH UV LIGHT The length of time needed to expose your image into your emul- sion will vary depending on your UV light source. Exposure times vary anywhere from 1-15 minutes. 08 ALIGN SCREENS ON PRESS Any misalignment of screens, big or small, will cause the layers of your image not to line up correctly. Registering multi-color/layer designs correctly is very important! your 10 CURE WITH HEAT SOURCE Between each layer of ink, cure your ink using a heat gun or flash dryer. All inks must be cured using 09 LOAD INK AND PRINT heat so that it will not With a stiff squeegee and wash off of the shirt. good pressure, pull the ink down the screen. The ink will pass through the open area of your screen and leave the image on the shirt. SOURCES BLANK T-SHIRTS & APPAREL HTTP://WWW.RYONET.COM EC

ScreenPrinting Instructions

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Everyone has had a great idea and thought, "That would make an awesome t-shirt!" Learn how to make your excellent idea a graphic tee reality with ShirtSpace's screen printing instructions infographic,...


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